Breaking Through

Sixteen-year-old Emma Marioni has to deal with the day-to-day issues of every teenager plus the complications of a disease. Struggling with commitment with boyfriends and broken friendships while her best friend Emily has it all. See how Emma "breaks through" to find her identity. © pips. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


1. Chapter 1

As I sat, listening to music on my phone, waiting for the bus to come, I felt the sun beaming down on my face, making me feel hot and bothered. As the bus finally came, I picked up my bag and sluggishly walked to the bus. I dragged my feet up the stairs and walked past row after row of seats full of people. The only seat left was next to a girl in my year I had never spoken to if I could help it. I gestured, asking if I could sit with her and she nodded, smiling broadly. I took a seat and instantly was bombarded with her gibbering in my ear. She was considered a ‘Nerd’ so not many people would even acknowledge her.

“So what subjects did you have today? I had Maths, English, Science, Art and Sport. Personally I think Sport is a waste of time. You know I got 99% in my last Maths and English. What did you get?” she spoke quickly and excitedly.

“Um… I don’t know. I think I had Maths today…” I replied dismissively.

She pretty much ignored my comment anyway. She just kept smiling and talking.

After a while I asked, “Hey what was your name again?”

Her smile disappeared and she looked a bit disappointed with the fact that I didn’t know her name.

“It’s Alice. Wait what was your name again?”

She was just asking because she was upset I didn’t remember her name. Everyone knew my name, so there was no way she didn’t. But I decided to say it anyway.

“My name’s Emma.”

Alice just blinked and nodded. I smiled tightly then found I had a text.

‘my H @ 10’ it simply said.

It was from my best friend Emily, who conveniently lived down the road from me. We often did this, after our parents went to bed we would take turns sneaking to each other’s houses to have a chat, eat and play games. At that moment the bus slowed, and I realised I had to get off here. I rushedly said bye to Alice then swung my bag on my shoulder and hopped down the stairs. I unlocked my bike from the rack by the bus stop and jumped on. I peddled hard for ten minutes until I reached my house. I opened the garage and swung a leg off my bike. I lent it against the wall then went inside.© pips

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