I Pray

This is a poem I wrote some time ago. It's about God and how I want him to be for others what he is for me.
If there is any spelling mistakes, I'm truly sorry! English is not my first language so I'm doing my best...

1. I Pray

I pray my lord

I praise your name

For when I was alone

Into my life you came.


What you are for me

Please be for others,

The sad little girl,

Or my fallen Brothers.


I pray for the deaf

May he hear your song

And always remember,

That he is your son.


I pray for the blind

Let him see your light,

And always remember

To look away from his plight.


I pray for the sick

Whose life is a battle,

Please give him strength

And remove his fragile.


I pray for the heartbroken

The sad or the lonely,

Help them through hard times

Tell them they’re fighting boldly.


I pray for the poor

Who lives out of nothing,

Even if they die alone

Promise they’ll never be forgotten.


I pray for the wealthy

The famous or the tall,

May they never forget

That they’re equal to us all.


And I pray for myself

That even if I act wild,

I will never forget

That I truly am your child.


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