The first time in 17 years

Sammy styles was kidnapped from her family, hours after giving birth to her daughter, Darcy styles. 17 years later and she is working for a 'ghost man' who has given her yet another mission to capture a person or two and bring them too him
But this mission is different
She has to capture Harry and Darcy styles her husband and daughter
What is she gunna do?


1. meeting her

*darcys pov*

"Dad I'm going to go out bye"

"I don't think so missy"

I turned around and smiled innocently showing my famous cheek dimple

"Please daddy" I did the puppy face and laughed

"Fine but on a three conditions"

"Yes dad"

"1 don't go off too late

2 dont get introuble

3 I need a hug from my daughter" I laughed and hugged him he kissed the top of my beanie and whispered I love you baby girl

"I love you to dad bye" I walked to mcdonalds. Yes I bet your wondering why I'm not driving. Well I don't like to drive you don't get to see all of the beautiful scenery every time you go somewhere

Once I got into mcdonalds I saw my best friend

Aislin (pronounced ae-Lynn) her mom and dad were zayn and perrie malik they were such a happy family and I was kind of jealous of that I never had a mom and In life you need one but oh well I will survive

I looked at her and she had her moms looks but she acted like her dad she also had his style with his choices of rather dark clothing

"Hey chicka" I yelled to her

"Hey girl how are you"

"I'm great how about you"

"I'm good where's Conner" she said while lifting an eyebrow

Connor was Louis and Eleanor's child just like aislin he had Louis's personality and style and Eleanor's looks but as a boy

"I have no idea" I shook my head "he's late again, like always" I laughed and just in time

"Sorry I'm late" aislin and I looked at eachother

"It's fine just sit your bum down so we can order I'm hungry and you all know how I can be when I'm hungry"

"Conner sit down we all know Darce isn't joking when she gets hungry and give us the warning"

"I'm sitting I'm sitting" he sat down and we were laughing and joking until our waitress came

I looked at her and she was looking at her notepad writing something down

Connor and aislin looked from her to me we looked a lot alike I'm not joking I had her face and her body.. Her eyes we had light green eyes with gold in the middle

"Hello my name is Sammy styles and I'll be your waitress today" she looked up from the notepad and froze a little when she saw me

"May I uh take your order" she said with her smooth British accent

"I'll have the perry perry chicken with a coke" Connor ordered

"I'll have chicken fingers with a lemonade" aislin ordered

"Yeah I'll have the spaghetti with meatballs with orange juice" I ordered my food, she smiled and shook her head. I wonder why

"Okay and would you like anything else"

"Oh yes we are waiting for two friends of our but we already know what they would like"

"And that would be"

"Meat eaters pizza and a large lemonade and two orders of perry perry chicken with a large coke" she laughed and smiled

"Okay I will be back with your order when it's done"

"Okay but Sammy I have a question"

"Yes" she looked up and smiled kindly

"Do I know you"

"U-um no no you don't sweetheart i think you have me confused with someone else sorry"

"Oh okay" I said she looked so familiar

*sammys pov*

That was close she is a lot like me and she is so beautiful my daughter is truly beautiful but of course I couldn't say anything to her or Harry because they were always watching.. Always

I started crying I couldn't help it I miss and love my husband and daughter and they took me away from my family and I couldn't go back to them no matter how many times I try or what I do it doesn't matter they will find me and next time probably kill me

You see after my daughter was born and they told the doctor that they had his daughter, my current best friend ally, and that they would hurt her if he didn't do what they told him

Of course he did it for her protection and he told everyone I died even though I didn't

Why me? Because I'm pretty and worth a lot of money that's what they told me ... Every time I doubt it but whatever

They sold me and luckily the guy bought both ally and I and we work for him

He is a very tough guy and very powerful that means if he wants something he gets it every. Single. Time. Which is why neither me not Allie could leave him and his 'minions' as we call James and Dug

Ally and I are his 'actors' that's what we call it anyways he makes us go undercover to find information or to find other people or whatever comes up

"Order 15 is ready" that snapped me out of my thoughts right now I'm trying to find this guy 'Alberto Rodriguez' but instead I found my daughter and my old best mates children

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