Why me? (Nash Grier & Cameron Dallas fanfiction)

Why me?
Why him?
Why them?
Why her?
Why this?

Why life?

All the questions that goes trough the young, unhappy, and insecure Anna's mind.
Her life started to change when she met them. The Blue eyed goofer, and the Brown eyed hottie. Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas


1. I.Hate.My.Life.

A bit about myself:

1. My name is Anna, and i hate my name. Its so plain and boring.

2. I cut because i dont have any friends, my mom died a year ago in a plane crash, and im being bullied. I always have. Oh and my dad loves his job more than he loves me.

3. I have anorexia. Im being bullied with being fat and ugly, and my dad called me fat and overweight several times. So i do everything to change their minds. Even if i have to die for it. Plus all of the girls in California is so skinny, and then there is me. All fat and ugly as shit.

4. I am a gymnast. I have been since i was 3 years old. I do competions and all that shit, but i had to stop when i was 14 because of a knee injury. My doctor told me to take a break with gymnastic for 1-2 years when i was 13, but i didn't listen to her. I took painkillers before, and after training. I did that for about a year. And then i cracked. My knee was completely used up and it couldn't take more. I couldn't do gymnastic ever again, and no painkiller could take away the pain. That sucked, but when i really just wanted to die was when the doctors told me i couldn't get an surgery. My life was over. Everything i have always fought for was gone. All in a blink of an eye.

5. I am ugly as hell. I have curly brown hair. Or my hair is more like ombre. Hazel on the top, and blonde on the bottom. I have Blue/green eyes. Its kind of a mix. Its weird, i know. Well i have freckles that i hate. They are under my eyes and on my nose. I have natural pink/red lips. I dont need to wear Lipstick to get colour.

6. I LOVE Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas. And all of the magcon guys. But especially those two. But i have never met them



Hey guys, so this is my first fanfic. Please tell me if you like it and want me to continue. Sorry if there is some gramatic fails, but im from Denmark.

Please like and comment if you want chapter 2


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