Torn apart - Sequel of You've changed my life

In the 1st book - On valentines day Amelia, Louis, Chloe and Harry spend time with each other. They share their secrets, true feelings and happiness with one another, its all going sweet until an accident makes a hole in their lives and wrecks them completely?!


1. She's gone!!

Recap: (Louis p.o.v)

I looked back, gave her one last kiss as she turned her head and closed her eyes then the heart monitor set off...

She was gone


Doctors and nurses rushed in as a young looking woman around her 20s walked up to me. Chloe had ran out by now. "Sir I need you two to step outside" she spoke softly. I couldn't fight back I was to weak. So me and Harry just quietly stepped out as I went to sit next to Chloe I heard Harry speaking to the nurse. 

"Is she going to be o..ok?" Harry stuttered

"We don't know but we are doing all we can" the nurse spoke gently then walked back inside.

Harry just walked up to the widow and watched silently.


Harry's p.o.v

The staff were darting around the room trying each remedy after each medicine after each solution but nothing seemed to trigger her heart to beat once again. Louis and Chloe had now stood up and shuffled either side of me. We all had tears pouring down our faces with sharp breaths.

A doctor was now just standing watching Amelia, he turned and held his hand up and spoke quickly "Stop!" that's when Louis broke down, his legs just gave away and he fell to floor crying hysterically. Chloe had ran over and held him tightly as they sobbed loudly. But for me I couldn't move, me and Amelia had been the closest best friends she was basically my sister. Tears just rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably yet I was silent.

They gently lifted up the sheet over her head and walked over the door. As the rest of the staff walked away the nurse from earlier came up to me and spoke carefully. "I'm sorry for your loss but we couldn't do anything else to help," and with that she walked away into the distance. I turned back to the window to see a lifeless body under a white sheet. I couldn't stand there anymore, i walked over to Louis and Chloe and helped him up while Chloe stood next to me digging her head into my chest. We started slowly moving away from the room that once a happy Amelia laid.


"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" A bloodcurdling scream forced me to turn around to look at a door, it was coming from Amelia's room, the nurses and doctors were rushing in frantically.


Was someone in there? Had they seen her dead body?




Oooooo! Cliffhanger. WHO? WHAT? WHY? 

Here's the first chapter of Torn apart. I hope you enjoy it :) I thought I would do a cliffhanger so here I wrote one. I had asked on the previous book ( You've changed my life...) if you wanted me to do a sequel and well a person in particular was saying "You have to do a sequel and kept messaging me how I need to write a 2nd book so here it is! That person was.... *drum roll* 

Chloe V

Go check her out and become a fan :) I love her books and she's a funny girl. 


Talk later, Katelyn :)

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