The Purge || Cameron Dallas



1. Chapter 1 || One More Day

[1 Day until the annual Purge]

Emma's POV

"You got everything ready for the lock in tomorrow?"

"Yes mom."

"Windows,Doors,your new security system is up and ready to go."

"Mom for the thousandth time yes."

"Okay calm down I just want to make sure your safe. This is your first year with being with us to the purge."

"Mom just cause I moved out to California doesn't mean I'm going to die!"

"I know honey. Well I'll call you tomorrow to wish you luck.Love you."

"Love you to." I said then I hung up the phone.

"Moms these days." I said to my self.

I just got out of my writing corse at my new college and I texted my friend Taylor.

Me: Hey Tay. Wanna go out and do something tonight since we might die tomorrow xD

Taylor J: Yeah why not lol

Me: Movie? Idk

Taylor J: That sounds good since we can't exactly get into clubs yet. Haha

Me: true haha 7 sound good. Tammy starts at 7:30 if that's okay with you.

Taylor J: Yeah sounds good meet you then.

Then I got into my Range Rover and drove back to house.

My dad owns a music company's down in Nashville so for my 18 birthday/ graduation present they bought me a house on the beach with this fancy security system that recently came out. Also it's in a gated community. I guess they thought that would help even tho I'm sure there are some freaks in this community that are going to purge tomorrow.

When I got home I only had an hour to get ready so I showered,scrunched my hair,and applied eye liner,mascara,and brown shadow.

Then I put on my Beatles tank top and some shorts and vans.

After I got in my car and took off. Still dreading tomorrow. The only reason why I'm doing this movie night is to get my mind off things. I just don't have a good feelings about tomorrow.

I pulled into the parking lot and Taylor was standing with the tickets waiting on me.

I looked to the right of me and saw a boy my age just sitting on the bench staring at me. He had a toned body from what I saw with brown quiffed up hair and brown eyes. Let's be real he was hot but creeping me out by staring at me. I tried to ignore it by keeping my head down and swiftly by but something told me he was still staring.

I walked up to Taylor who was making this face.

"What was all that about Emma?" she asked.

"What was all about?"

"That whole ordeal with that boy over there." she said referring to the boy who was staring at me.

"I don't know. Honestly he creeped me put."

"You should embrace it. It means he is in to you."

I just rolled me eyes and said "Did you get everything?"

"Yeah come on it's starting soon."

Then we went inside and enjoyed the movie which got my mind off of things for a while.

When we got out of the theatre the boy was gone thankfully.

"I had fun I'll see you sometime later hopefully.Gonna stay the night with Sam tonight so I better get going." Taylor said.

"Okay see you later." I waved to her and then walked to my car hoping the boy was gone from this area. But a piece of me hoping he was still here.

Ugh I sound insane.

I hopped in my car and drove home and truly I just wanted to crawl in bed and then get tomorrow night over with.


I woke up and went of to one of my classes only to find out it was canceled because of tonight.

I arrived back home and crawled in bed and looked at my phone noticing it's 7 am.

It's exactly 12 hours till the annual purge begins.


Yay first chapter. I'm so excited for this one it's gonna be good and I hope you all enjoy it :)



Emma Grace:looks kind like Barbara Palvin

Taylor J: Long Blond hair,Blue eyes, kinda resembles Cara

Sam Wilkinson:Himself

Cameron Dallas: himself

I'll describe the other characters as I add them:)


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