caught up in the drama

Lexi is a model. Who just happens to be staying in the same hotel as Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, And Carter Reynolds How they met is the weirdest. but will they become friends or just go separate ways?
ik it sucks but you should read just to see if you like. kay? kay tysm.
yah bye.


1. Wrong room.

Lexi's POV

"Kay Imma go take a shower okay?" I yelled at my sister Kayla she nodded. "Ugh you're always on that phone you could pay attention to me for once" I muttered. "I'm going to starbucks" she yelled while running out. I shook my head and walked into the bathroom and turned on the water.

Nash's POV

Me and hayes we're walking back from a meet & greet carter and cam we're trailing behind i turned around and they weren't there. "wanna prank them?" i asked hayes "i'm sick of smack cam though" i complained "okay, hmm we could switch room numbers so they go into the wrong room" i laughed "yes" hayes yelled "how about this one. sounds like no ones in there and it's not locked."  i suggested "sure'' hayes said we quickly switched them and walked into our real room. 

Carter's POV

me and cam saw some fans and decided to go say hi. But when we got back into the hotel to get nash and hayes they were long gone. so me and cam started walking back to our room. Once we got there i noticed they left the door unlocked of course. "Hey gu-" cam started to say but heard the shower running and then it stopped. " We all took showers this morning right?" i said making sure i wasn't going crazy. "yeah" cam laughed 

Lexi's POV

wow that was fast kay is back already.  then i heard males talking WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I put on my clothes but no fucking way i was only going out there in just a towel. i opened the door to see cameron dallas and carter reynolds i'd be fangirling but why are they in my hotel room?




i hope yall like ill update tomorrow hopefully.

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