Stay By My Side

"ARRGGHH!!!" I trip and and suddenly find myself falling. I shut my eyes tight and brace myself for the impact. Huh?

When I look up, I find myself in the arms of a black-haired boy.
"Hey, watch where you're going!" He exclaims and let's go of me.
"OUCH!!" I shout when I hit the ground hard. Geez, what a jerk.

But then later...

"I don't want to let you go.."

What could he possibly want from me and what is going on?!


1. Catch of the Day

"So.. Sky?" I snap myself back to my senses when my name is called.

"Yes Miss Ueda?" I ask innocently.

"Can you tell us how to find the value of in this problem?" My maths teacher gives me a warm smile which makes me feel even more uneasy. I stare up at the board and lose hope completely. How do I work this out? Y= 0.3 times the amount of X. If X is 90 then what is Y?

"Don't worry Sky, it's just like how I explained in the previous questions." Miss Ueda once again flashes me her signature smile. Well guess what Miss? If I was paying attention I would be able to answer it - or not seeing as I suck at math.

"Um.. I um...." 

DDDIIINNNGGGGGGG!!!!!! The school bell signaling the end of third period rings and I sigh in relief.

"Alright! Class dismissed! You got lucky this time Sky." Miss Ueda gives me a wink and I sheepishly smile. I skip to the picnic area, relieved to be free of algebra.


I sit down next to my best friend, Chiyo on the picnic table. Her blonde hair is tied back into a high ponytail and her royal blue eyes widen when she sees me.

"SKY!!!!" She smiles and waves at me.

"Hey Chiyo." I reply, returning the smile.


We talk and eat lunch together. Just then, a brown haired boy walks past, arm in arm with no other than my friend Emma. Chiyo leans in and whispers to me.

"Katsuro Tsukino is really hot isn't he? I'm so jealous of Emma!" 

Emma Shoji used to always hang out with Chiyo and me. We were great friends and always told each other everything. We weren't just friends, we were sisters. She always had a thing for Katsuro and one day, she had the courage to finally ask him out. Of course he said yes. Who could say no to Sweet Shoji?


I can't help myself but stare daggers at them from afar. Why not me? If I had Emma's cute looks or personality then that could be me resting my head on my boyfriend's shoulder and hugging him close. Emma looks so happy with him... She left her long, straight chestnut brown hair loose and her brown eyes are smiling. How I would love to be in her shoes.. Wait a minute - yuck! No, of course I wouldn't! I don't have time for boys! I'm perfectly fine with my average life with my average friend in my average world. I am a teenage girl though so I wouldn't be surprised if I had thoughts like these once in a while.


Soon Emmuro (Emma and Katsuro) are out of sight.

I say to Chiyo, "Hey, I'm gonna buy a drink. I'll be back soon so take care of my bag."

"Okay dokey! Don't take to long!" I wave to her and walk to the cafeteria.


After I get my drink, I start to walk back to the tables when...

"Whoa!!!!" I trip over a fallen cup. I shut my eyes and brace myself for impact. Huh? That's weird, I don't feel anything. I open my eyes and look up to find myself in the arms of a black haired boy. Wow, he's really handsome. His black hair shades his blue eyes. 

"Oh..." I say.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" He exclaims. The boy lets go and I fall to the ground with a thud.

"Ouch!" I shout at the shock of landing on the cold floor. The boy just continues walking away with his hands in his pockets. Geez, what a jerk.


"Sky!!!" Chiyo runs up to me and helps me up, "are you okay?"

"Yeah, just fine." I say under gritted teeth, still staring at the back of that jerk walking away. Chiyo follows my eyes to him and squeals, "I can't believe you got held by Gray Kagome! He is so hot that he makes the sun look cool! You are so lucky!!"


I'm pretty sure that being tossed on the floor doesn't count as lucky. Gray, you jerk!!

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