Life as a Clifford (A.I)

Courtney Clifford. Michael Clifford's sister. She hasn't seen her brother or the boys for three years. What happens when they all come back unexpectedly


1. Chapter 1

      THREE YEARS AGO Courtney's POV.  Mom , dad , Michael and I all sit at the table Im 14 and Michael is 16. Mom had made a really good dinner and we were all having a good time talking, Michael as usual making everyone at the table laugh. Michael is my older brother and him and his friends are my best friends their always at our house .   Today was the best day ever. Mom had a great idea to have a ' family hang out day' and it's going great. We were hanging out all day, we went to the mall and then went to the movies and then we ate diner.   Mom got up and went to go get the board games and as usual Michael and I were on a team and mom and  dad were on a team. Obviously Michael and I won although we cheated a lot. "Can we do this like every week." I ask excited everyone went silent. "What?did I say something wrong" I ask. "Michael honey are you gonna tell her now" my mom said I was so confused " tell me what? Mikey what's going on?!" Mikey took a deep breath and spoke.    Michaels POV   I didn't want to tell her yet she's my   best friend and I don't want to leave her for a year or probably more.    As I told her she looked as if, someone who she trusted her heart with took it  and   betrayed her by dropping it and just let it shatter into a million pieces and sadly I think she thought I was that person.    Courtney's POV  "Y-your l-leaving m-me" I say, a single  tear slipping down my cheek, "I'm sorry courts , I didn't know how to tell you."Michael said. More tears fall. With out saying a word I got up took my plate in the kitchen ( since we hadn't clean it up yet) , put it in the sink and went up stairs into my room. I cried harder. And harder. I put my pyjamas on and sat on my bed and let the tears fall. I can't believe my best friend is leaving on tour, with my other best friends tomorrow. I'm happy for him, I really am but the fact that he's leaving kills me. A knock on my door breaks my train of deep thoughts.    "Who is it, mom if it's you I don't need a lecture about how rude it was to just get up and leave." I say not caring that they can hear my crying through the door. Mikey comes in with a sad but concerned look on his face. "Hey" he said softly. I look at him then look away letting another tear fall. He comes and sits next to me and hugs me making me cry harder. "Don't cry sweetheart" he says. " Mikey how can I not cry, you're getting up and leaving tomorrow for who knows how long" I say kinda mad and sad at the same time. "I know I'm sorry for not telling you sooner" " how long will you be gone for?" " I don't know a year at least, we have to go to LA to record a bunch of song and write an album and record those songs and then we are going on tour with one direction. Then will go from there, if people like us,then we make more song and you know more touring" he said. I cry harder. After a while of talking about how we'll stay in contact sleep starts to come over me " I'm tired" I say he nods and gets up to leave " Mikey since this is the last time I'll see you for a while, will you stay." I ask " of course baby sis" he said. He lays down beside and hugs me tight. " Mikey can I tell you something " " sure what's up?"he replied " well i kinda" I was cut off "Michael you should go to sleep we have to wake up early tomorrow" my mom said while walking into the room she then left "what" he asked me "oh um nevermind" I said I realized I didn't want to tell him  We soon fell asleep. *really early next morning*  Mikey woke me up accendentaly trying to leave to catch his plane. I heard the boys downstairs so I ran to say goodbye.  "ASH, MIKEY ,CAL, LUKEY , DONT GO" I yell since my mom and dad were up so they could drive them to the air port.  Mikey hugs me " bye courty" he whispers into my hair. Luke comes and gives me a hug " goodbye baby girl" he says he's like my twin brother. Next Calum came and hugged me and told me to FaceTime him every day . Next came. Ashton. He was crying. "Ashy don't go" I beg as he hugs me tight  " courts I have too, I'll miss you so much" he said I started to cry to and he wipes my tears " I'll be back soon I promise" he said. I hug Luke , Calum and Michael one last time, and with that they are gone. Luke doesn't have a phone so I can't text or call him. I'm gonna miss them so much.    PRESENT DAY It's been three years since I last saw my brother in person. He couldn't even come to my parents funeral (my parents were old) When Calum and I would facetime , Ashton would leave the room. When they do interviews and they ask"is there anyone at home other than your family that you miss" , he says "nope just my family", and Mikey and Calum give him a weird look. It breaks my heart, it's like he forgot about me. The only other friends I have are Tia and Carter that's it nobody else. Nobody else likes me    Let my introduce myself. My name is Courtney Clifford and I'm 17, and my best friends is Tia and she's just a year younger than me.I have red hair (Miley and I like to match), blue eyes freckles and I'm average hight. I live with Tia cuz my mom didn't want me there for some reason. She moved but willed the house to Mikey for when he gets back. my other best friend is Carter and his girlfriend Erika doesn't really like me that much they've been dating for as long as I can remember . My boy friends name is Clayton. He is the captain of the football team. Tia has a very very big obsession for 5sos and I changed my last name to Smith so that nobody actually knew who I was nobody knows that Mikey has a sister. Tia is so obsessed with 5sos she has cardboard cutouts in her room. It's kinda creepy seeing Mikey in the bedroom of my best friends room, the Ashton cutouts have lipstick stains, gross. Although he is adorable.

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