Link x Reader – Story Collection

I know that there aren't enough "x Readers" so I decided to write some! These are ones of Link. I am taking requests so if you have a certain idea that you would like as a story, please just put it in the comments section and I will try my best!

Kind Regards,


1. Link x Reader - The Fallen Hero

You sigh as you watch the bluebirds soar in the sky. You live in a kingdom called Hyrule, where the fields are the greenest, the skies are the bluest and everyday promises something new. Your (hair length), (hair colour), hair is pulled up into a ponytail with two little strands falling down in front of your elf ears. You're wearing a short (favourite colour) dress with white tights and brown boots. 

 "(NAME)!" You hear someone call in the distance and turn around to see a dirty blonde-haired boy dressed in green, waving at you. It's your best friend, Link.

 "Link!" You smile and wave back. Suddenly, Link's smile fades and he starts to tilt sideways.

 "LIIINNNK!" Before you realise what has happened, Link collapses to the ground. You quickly stand up and run over to him, kneeling down beside the unconscious hero. You press the back of your palm against his temple to find he has a seriously bad temperature. There are many cuts and bruises along his face and limbs as well. You grab one of his arms and wrap it around your shoulder as you stagger towards your cottage. 


When you get there, you gently lay Link on your bed as you try to catch your breath from carrying him the whole way. You hang his sword and shield on the wall. You take off his green cap and set in on the table beside him. You wet a cloth and place it on his forehead. Link's expression soon relaxes and relief passes your face. You start wrapping bandages around his limbs and putting plasters on his face. With all that done, you decide to make something in-case he's hungry when he wakes up. You go to the kitchen and prepare a simple tomato soup.


Link's eyelids flutter open and he sits up. 

 "Where am I?" he looks around the room before he recognises that it's your home.

 "Oh good! You're up!" There's a smile on you face as you sit down next to him.

 "(Name)? What happened?" Link asks, holding his head in his hands. "All I remember was coming back from a visit to the Fire Temple..."

 "No wonder you had such a high temperature! I was just watching the sunset on the grass and then I saw you collapse on the ground," you sigh, "call yourself a hero when you can't even protect yourself from getting ill,"

Link hangs his head in shame and you pass him the soup.

 "Here! It's not much but it will help you get better!" You say, handing him the soup. Link takes the bowl and spoon from your hands and starts eating. You watch him nervously as the spoon enters his mouth. Link stares at you in shock and you squint your eyes shut, preparing for the worst.

 "It's really good!" Link exclaims and you open you eyes.

 "Really?" You ask, widening your eyes.

 "Yeah! You have to make this again for me sometime!" He gives you a thumbs up and you roll your eyes.

 "Whatever, Hero of Time." You and Link laugh after you say this. Hyrule was great because you had the best friend in the whole world beside you.

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