Not Your Type

Cat was excitable, crazy and bubbly. Lacey was shy, sweet and dedicated. Maddie was creative, quiet, and sassy. And Ally was laidback, friendly, and relaxed. So when they get paired with another band at homecoming, they find themselves changing as new friendships grow, old one are challenged, and secrets are kept.

All songs in this story are real and are being used as originals. They do not belong to me. This is a 5sos fanfiction.


7. Guilty Consicious



Lacey was insane. Calum didn't like me, he couldn't. Even if he did, I'd never date him. I put my phone down and looked at his sitting on my dresser. How does a teenager even leave their phone behind. It was like half of their life. I unconsciously walked over to the phone, pressing the home button. It unlocked

"Why isn't their a lock on the phone either?" I said to myself. Curiousity got the better of me. I scrolled through the apps first, basic ones. Instagram, snapchat, facebook, etc. I saw notes down on the bottom quick access bar. 

I clicked it and found what looked like lyrics. I read some, they were good. Then I browsed through so more notes, I found something like a diary. As I was about to read the first one, I heard the doorbell. I walked to the front door, and found myself face to face with Calum. I forgot about him.

"Hey, sorry to do this so late. My mom was running me around all day." he said. "No, It's fine." I said it simply, Lacey was crazy to think there would be anything between us. "So, can I get my phone?" I snapped out of my dazed state. "Right sorry." I handed him the phone as he eyed me suspiciously. 

"Are you Okay?" he asked me, I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." I shook my head and smiled my usual warm smile. He eyed me skeptical. "Okay. Well thank you. I'll see you tomorrow then." he said smiling. "Yea, I'll see you." I said, before I could get the door close he stopped me.

"Oh yea. I uh. I wanted to say sorry for yesterday. Sometimes I can play too much. Just tell me when to back off okay?" He was actually apologizing? I knew he was playing, I just overreacted. I didn't expect him to apologize. "No it's fine! I kind of overreacted, I shou-" "Cat just let me apologize. Please." his voice was low and sincere, I got a warm feeling from it, but laughed it off. 

"Let's just forget it happened?" I said trying to not be the hot headed girl from last night. He smiled and nodded. "Okay, but no promises I'll be nice." he demanded, I laughed and nodded. "Okay, fine. And don't be surprised when I'm just as rude." I said, Calum smirked and my stomach turned. "I wouldn't have it any other way." he said, we both said bye awkwardly. Once the door was closed I closed my eyes tight. "Shit." 

In the morning, I was still feeling off. I felt excited but also relaxed. It was the strangest feeling, but it was so familiar.  We walked her little sister, Claire to school, then walked back to school together. "Okay so I was writing all day yesterday, and I got some pretty good stuff we could try out." Lacey was more jumpy than usual today, I wondered why but didn't ask.

I was listening to her, but my eyes were elsewhere. Searching. I saw a shiny black car and then found my eyes dart back toward my best friend. "Let's find Maddie and Ally, and look at the lyrics together." I said excitedly, she giggled and we found our way into the building, right past his car. 

"Hey guys!" Maddie called down the hall, we went to join her and Ally leaning on some lockers. "Hey. Hey." I said Lacey jumped over excited, and immediately started talking about the songs again. I rested my back on the lockers and looked around. I knew what I was secretly looking for, and I needed to snap out of it quickly. Then they cut the corner, and I knew I couldn't. I suppressed a smile and focused back on my friends, Lacey was already showing them the lyrics. I peeked over her shoulder and read the lines. "These are amazing Lace." I said knowing how awesome she was, I wished I could write something as good as she did.

"Cat." I turned around, he looked upset and before I could respond he spoke again. "Did you go through my phone?" I froze, I'd forgotten. "I. Uh." I couldn't think. "Seriously, You're that paranoid about a little competition you went through my lyrics." Calum was pissed. "Wait no. That's not why I-" "Forget it. I don't know what I really expected. So stupid." he said, he walked away before I could explain.

Luke was with him and looked apologetic but followed him. "Cat what was that about?" Lacey asked me, I turned around my usual mood masked with a fake smile. "Nothing. Don't worry about it." I said, but I knew Lacey would."I got to get to class." I said quickly and took off. 

My first class felt like crap, I didn't want to be here anymore. But as the class dragged on, I only got more depressed about it all. When the bell rang Lacey caught me in the hall. "Hey." She bumped into me. "Hey." I said.

"So, you gonna tell me what happened with Calum this morning?" She asked. "I fucked up. Simple as that." I stated, as we walked into gym. Lacey was going to ask for details but she was stopped. "Hey guys." Luke and Calum stood in front of us. "Hey, you guys are in this class?" She asked her shyness kicking in instantly, Luke nodded. Calum wouldn't look this way, I didn't blame him. "I'm going to change." I grabbed her arm lightly reassuring her with a small smile, and quickly walked to the locker room.

I found Maddie and Ally already here. "Hey guys." I whispered and changed quickly. I was upset but I loved gym, and I intened on enjoying it. "Hey where's Lacey?" Ally asked. "Talking to Luke and Calum." His name felt weird in my mouth, saying it out loud just upset me. Soon Lacey came to change and we all made our way out of the locker room together. 

It was a free day, so I grabbed a basketball, Lacey and Maddie joined me, while Ally sat down on the side. As soon as I had the ball in my hand I felt better. We were just shooting when Conner came over.

"Yo Cat you guys up for a game?" I grimaced at him. "We only have three, teams need five." I told him, I hated Conner for many reasons. "So I have three too. We just need four more. What about your band friends?" he said pointing to the boys. I sighed. "I doubt they wanna play." I said. "Let's find out." He suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Let go, what the hell." I said but soon enough we stood in front of the guys. I wouldn't look at them at this point I was more focused on the annoyance gripping my arm. "Hey you guys down for a game? Me, my guys, and the girls." he asked so casually. Please say no, please. "Sure why not. You guys in?" Fuck you Luke. All of them nodded. "Told you they'd want to play." Conner boasted. "Great now would you let go." I yanked my arm from him, he just chuckled. 

So the teams were decided. Me, Maddie, Luke, Michael, and David, against Lacey, Calum, Ashton, Conner, and Peter.  And so the game began. At first it was a lot of Conner targeting me and hogging the ball as he often did. Calum was just playing naturally, but I didn't want to get close to him. I tried to stay away from both of them, but I wasn't winning since Calum followed the ball which Conner had and Conner followed me. So I started to give Luke the ball. Maddie would distract and block Peter, Michael focused on Calum as much as he could. And me and Lacey were good counters for each other. 

We were keeping a steady tied game, when Conner pulled something. He stole the ball from me and brushed behind smacking my ass then scoring. I pulled on my shorts angry. "Fucking perv." I muttered under my breathe. The game continued, and he did it a second time. I just glared at him, then I shook my head and took a deep breathe trying to keep calm. When I looked back up, I found Calum looking at me. He saw that time. I turned away and focused back on the game. Suddenly the momentum of the game shifted, Calum started to hog the ball.  Conner started getting irritated.

At some point I got the ball again and Conner was about to try it again. I tried to evade it but he was almost here. Instead of facing him and bracing for the inevitable though, Calum stole the ball. He had a clear shot, I was halfway dazed, but I had time to stop him. I jumped and slapped the ball from his hands, it flew away but we were still both so close, one of us would land on the other in this position.

I braced myself, but Calum wrapped his arm around me and spun us enough so he'd hit the ground first. We both still smacked pretty hard on the ground still, but I knew I got the ladder of the pain. "Are you okay?" I immediately asked sitting up. He landed halfway on his side and back, so I knew there wouldn't be any intense injuries. I reached for his back. "Tell me if this hurts." I said and proceeded to apply pressure where he landed.  

 "I'm fine, just a little bruising." he tried to brush me off, everyone had stopped observing us . "Come on Let's go to the nurse and get some ice." I said standing up, I felt a twig of pain in my ankle but ignored it. I reached my hand out for him to stand. "I'm reall-" "Calum just let me help dammit." I yelled, I didn't care about his damn pride he was going to the nurse whether he liked it or not.

He looked at me for the first time since this morning. He sighed but took my hand anyway.


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