Match made in heaven

Casey is in love with Michael. He doesnt even know she exists. One day her luck turns around as he asks her on a date....


2. McDonalds

I opened it to see. A note from Michael.

'Dear Casey,

Can you meet outside McDonalds at eight tonight. I have a question

Michael Xx'

I was over whelmed. I grabbed Abby and walked out.

"Why are you grabbing me?" She asked.

I let go and shoved the note under her nose. She smiled.

"You go girl!" And we high- fived.

I was so happy. I walked out of school and spotted Michael getting into Ashton's car. He gave me a sly smile.

I was walking up to McDonalds. 7:59

He should be here soon. I was kind of nervous. I wore the same thing as I did in school but put some makeup on. Abby had said I looked okay when I sent her a pic so I put on my beanie and walked down.

It was exactly 8pm. I went into McDonalds. I got a drink and then re read the note to make sure I wasn't being stupid. I began to get worried and texted Abby explaining my situation. Five past eight. I looked around for him. Yeah I know he is late for everything but this is ridiculous.

I had a feeling inside that he had forgotten about me.

Quarter past eight.

I was really worried that he had stood me up.

I waited until nine then I walked home.

I cried too.

The first time ever.

Michael Clifford had stood me up.

I was stupid to think he had ever had an interest in me.

I got home and slept dreading the next day when I had English.


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