Texting Luke Hemmings

Just texting Luke hemmings


2. Chapter 2

Lauren knew that Luke Hemmings wouldn't reply her. So she decided not to give up, and continue texting him.


@laurenshitz: You mean the world to me Luke.


@laurenshitz: you sing so well


@laurenshitz: im gonna kill myself


@laurenshitz: Thank you Lucas for everything


@laurenshitz: daddy?


@luke5sos: yes daughter?


@luke5sos: oh god don't kill yourself


@laurenshitz: holy cheese sticks, you replied.


@luke5sos: haha yeah


@laurenshitz: is this like a dream or something??


@laurenshitz: yeah. it is.


Before lauren could reply, she saw a notification that says '@luke5sos started following you!' .


@laurenshitz: Thank you Luke!


@luke5sos: Ashton also noticed you


Lauren didn't understand what he meant. But she saw her notification that says '3 people started following you!: @michael5sos, @Calum5sos, @ashton5sos.'


@laurenshitz: why did you tell all of them to follow me


@luke5sos: just because


@laurenshitz: well... okay, Thank you again Luke


@luke5sos: no problem :-)


@laurenshitz: first, you sound serious and tough, then you added that smiley w nose face.


@luke5sos: what? :-) doesn't look tough?


@laurenshitz: it doesn't, you're like a small kid


@laurenshitz: wait, don't you have a show to perform?


@luke5sos: we have a 1 month break :-D


@luke5sos: I like you so much Lauren *bunch of love emojis*


@laurenshitz: dared? I understand haha.


But what Lauren didn't know was that Luke, liked talking to her, and he didn't get dared.


@luke5sos: yeah, I got dared :/





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