Anger Management

Its a problem only love can fix. Luke Hemmings has a serious anger problem and Katy has to tutor him. How will he act towards her? After putting his last tutor in a cast!


1. Chapter One~

Walking into school.

I took the chart out- It was a good job I had taken a tour already and found my form with ease.

Three people were in there.

"Hi, do you know where the teacher is?" I asked them.

"We have none. The forms are completely free you just have to give us your name and then we can move from room to room for half an hour" said a girl.

"Oh okay" I said.

"We were told a new girl was coming" The boy said.

"Yeah thats me" I said.

"Katy Colson"I said again.

"Sit down. I'm Sam. That's Lily and this is Des" Sam said.

I sat down.

Sam told me about everything about everything but she said she was leaving the people to Lunch.

***Skip to Lunch***

"Lets get started" Sam said as I sat down with my chocolate milk.

"The people of this school have their own cliques. We are part of the normal part. People like you and me are together on this side of the cafeteria. Whereas Jocks sit by the salad bar" Sam said.

"To trip up all the nerds. And the musical people sit on the other side. The cheerleaders and nerds are dotted around here and there" Lily piped up.

"Tell her about the hottest guys in school" Des said excitedly.

"The boy band" Lily stated.

"That's Ashton Irwin. He is top dog and can ruin your social life. Don't mess around with him. The little skinny one next to him, well thats Calum Hood the biggest Player of all time. He plays bass and will come on to any girl he can scope out so keep yourself away from him. The one with the red hair- thats Michael Clifford. He is insane and loves pizza. He is probably the most annoying person but he takes karate lessons so watch out" Lily said.

"What about insano?" Asked Sam.

"Insano. AKA Luke Hemmings. Ih my gosh guys he is over there" Des said. I turned around to see a blonde kid kicking and swearing at the vending machine which had taken his money.

"He has major anger issues and put someone in the hospital last week. He is insane. Definitely stay away from him. He is a bad guy" Said Lily.


I know it isn't as good as the original which I accidentally deleted. I am so sorry and I should just delete my life because I am a failure to mankind.... I will try to make this one as good as the first one.

Don't lose hope, my minions!!! ❤️🌈🌈

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