Lariana a match made in heaven

Well if you thought you would never get a lariana story here you go it's awesome


1. the meet

We'll I met Luke hemmings when it all happend at his concert.

Ariana's POV

Sis what should I wear to the concert I ask. I don't care what you wear but hurry up she said...... 15 minuets later I we get into the car and drive away Ashley my sister turned on the music it played don't stop one of my fav song from 5sos song when we reached the stadium I nearly cryed I was so excited.

Luke's POV

Guys I'm pumped for the show in 5 minuets I'm excited to see the mystery girl I had a dream about. "Bro how will you know some girl named ariana grande will be here" michael said. Well I don't know but we will find out. "You mean you will find out we are not helping you" ashton said stop being an asshole ashton I said a man came in and said we go on in 15 seconds witch means I look for ariana.

Ariana's POV

Ashley im so excited about being here.... About an hour later the 5sos meet and greet happend and for some awkward reason Luke kept asking every girl If their name was ariana grande why was he looking for me I asked my self. Soon Luke came up to me and asked if I was ariana grande and when I told him yes he took my phone put his number in it and said "text me" and walked away.

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