Lariana a match made in heaven

Well if you thought you would never get a lariana story here you go it's awesome


2. the text

Ariana's phone

To:Luke hemmings

Ari:hey is this Luke hemmings

Luke:yes who is this

Ari:ariana grande

Luke:omfg your the girl I have been waiting for


Luke:we can go on a date at 6:30pm tomorrow and come alone I want to talk to you

Ari:ummm ok??? Luke I just want to say your super hot!!!

OMG ariana nice going you put that in a text what's wrong with you I thought to my self

Luke:same love you babe

Ari:you Luke hemmings called me babe

Luke:I know


Luke:because your hot and super sexy

Then i thought to my self again why did Luke call me hot???

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