A lot of feels went into this ������


1. Meeting Michael (A Michael Imagine)

I walked around the restaurant trying to look helpful in some form. I just looked like an awkward sixteen year old who had a job at her parents spanish restaurant. We had Spanish roots and Mom always loved Spain and Dad loved the football team. I was just there. I preferred our own country Australia. Or England.

Five guys walked in. The one who had curly hair was british and spoke to me.

"Hi can you help us get a table?" He asked. I nodded.

"Yeah follow me" I looked around and walked to an empty table where they sat.

"Would you like some drinks?" I asked.

"Um five cokes please" the blonde one said. I jotted it down and walked away, handing the order to my mother. She balanced five cokes on a tray and handed it to me. I walked over, careful not to spill, I put the tray on the table and they took all their drinks.

"Are you ready to order?" I asked. They all lifted their menus in unison.

"Do you do pizza?" One with coloured hair asked.

"Michael! Its a spanish restaurant" said blue bandana.

"Yeah we do" I said. They all looked at me in shock.

"Two pizzas!" Michael said before anyone could interrupt.

"What topping?"

"Pepperoni" they all said.

I nodded and walked away.

I handed the order to my Mom.

"That one with the weird hair keeps looking at you" Mom said. I turned to see Michael's eyes lock with mine, I smiled, and turned.

"He isnt that bad Mom" I said.

"The curly haired british one is beautiful" Mom said.

"Mom!" I squealed.

I went to give them their pizza and on amongst all the random dollars they had given me was a note-

Call me~ the boy with the weird hair Xx

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