*ring ring ring*

Stephanie's POV -

"Uhhh!!!!" Today is my first day at my new high school. I moved schools because of the bullying at school I would get bullied every day I'm not sure why but that doesn't matter anymore now that I have a "fresh start". I live alone because my mom die in a car crash and I have no dad.

I have long light brown hair my eye are really light brown some times my eyes center changes green. I got ready and since I was running late I just grabbed a granola bar and some juice I was wearing my Rolling Stones t-shirt, some black shorts and a flannel button up.

I walked to school but surprisingly I was about 20 minutes early. I walk to the office to pick up my scedual and locker number. I walked to my locker to put my stuff away. As I was making way through the hallway I bumped into a tall blond haired boy he was wearing a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black converse.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" I said trying to help him up. He looked at me with a angry expression on his face. I reached my hand out to help him but he rejected and got up by him self and walked away. "Do you need help?" A voice came from behind me.

"Umm" I just said in return.

A boy with curly hair, a grey muscle shirt, black skinny jeans, and black converse.

"Hi I'm Ashton but you can call me ash if you'd like" he said with a smile.

"Hi I'm Stephanie I'm new at this school"

"Oh well that explains you know that guy you bumped into let just say he isn't the nicest guy around in fact he's rumored to be a murder and a rapist but no one knows if it true or not so you should stay away from him for now"

"Oh has he killed anyone yet or at all?" I asked

"Well there has been twenty killings at this school and they're all girls they say that the murder rapes their victim and then kills them with a knife"

"Oh my god that's terrible" I said shocked

*second period*

I walked to my second period class. Suddenly I felt someone grab my my wrist and pulled me into the janitors closet.

"What the f-" I said but they cut me off

"Shhhh it's me" I heard a familiar voice.


"Yep ello"

"What the hell ash?" I said angrily

"Look next period you have English with Luke and his seat is next to your seat!"

"So?" I said confused

"Please please please try to avoid him as much possible I don't want you getting killed"

"Okay okay, I should get going and so should you" I said calmly

"Okay I'll be waiting for you outside of your class at the bell"

"Okay see you then" I said as I walked towards my class.

"Oh hello are you Stephanie Carrasco?" My English teacher said

"Umm yes"

"Okay hi I'm ms. Smith your English teacher please take a seat next to Luke Hemmings, Luke raise your hand"

I sat down next to Luke and this other guy with a black fringe, he was wearing a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket over, black skinny jeans, and black shoes.

"Umm hi I'm Michael Clifford"

"Hi I'm Stephanie Carrasco"

We talked a bit but Luke just glared at me from time to time.

*ring ring ring*

The bell rang

"Well it was nice meeting you talk to you soon" Michael said as he walked out of class.

"Bye" I said as I packed my stuff up.

Luke left a note at my desk and walked out.

I opened the note

"If you need a ride home I'd be gladly to drive you"


Hey hope you enjoyed!!!

Can't wait for chapter two

Bye. xx

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