If Waiting Is What It Takes

(Dramione fanfiction) Hermione is about to become apart of the Order Of The Phoenix. But when Hogwarts decides to resort everyone, she might get placed in a very odd spot that is very close to a very odd person. And what if she finds out the real truth about herself?


1. Back to Hogwarts

Hermione's POV

Going back to Hogwarts is what I love. Seeing my friends. Taking different classes. And especially this year since I'm joining the Order. Not actually joining because they say I'm too young but they are allowing me to help on certain things. I saw Ron's ginger hair when I entered the platform and it reminded me that Ron has already joined the Order. He joined even before me. I shake my head, possibly in disbelief, but I just lightly laughed at the young Weasley as he chased after the rat he insisted on bringing every year.

I walked over to the train and handed my bags over to the guys lifting them up and watched as they slide my bags into an empty spot. I searched for Harry and Ginny but I couldn't find them so I assumed that they already boarded. With that in mind, I checked my small purse to make sure I had everything and hopped on the train.

"Hermione! Did you hear about what the school is doing?" I heard Ron yell. I walked over to where I heard his voice come from. He was standing outside the compartment Harry and Ginny were already in.

"What is the school doing, Ron?" probably nothing important but Ron would hate me if I didn't ask. He was a stubborn boy and everyone knew it.

"The school is resorting us!" he exclaimed.

"Resorting? What do you mean?" He grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the train compartment. I took a seat across from Ginny who didn't seem too happy to be heading back to Hogwarts.

"The Sorting Hat. They're using it to resort everyone in the school." Ginny whispered. She scrunched up into a little ball on the seat and stared out the window. Harry gently rubbed her shoulder and turned to me.

"It wasn't Dumbledore's orders. The ministry insisted on it." Harry said as he continued to comfort Ginny.

"I wonder why. I mean it can't really affect us since their is no way that it will put us in different houses but what about everyone else?" I asked. Harry and Ron both shrugged at the same time and a few seconds later the train starting pulling out of the station.

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