Tour with my four best friends



1. chapter one

I heard a distant knock. It was like 2am. I turned over and knew I was imagining it. But it got louder and more clearer as I woke up.

Someone was knocking on my door at 2am.

I ran downstairs. I was home alone because Mom and Dad were on their cruise.

I unlocked the door and it was pushed open.

"Katy!" I heard a kangaroo yell.

"What are you all doing here?" I demanded seeing my four best friends stood at my door.

"We have some news" Calum jumped up and down and clapped his hands.

"Ok whatever can't it wait?" I asked tiredly.

"No it can't let us in" Ashton moaned.

"Go away I was sleeping" I moaned.

"I got pizza" Michael said.

I smiled.

"Welcome to my home" I pushed open the door as Luke and Calum and Ashton and Michael walked in.

"What's the news that you couldn't wait to tell me then" I replied as they all walked into my room and flung themselves on my bed.

"Well, we are going on tour with One Direction in a week and we requested for you to come and be like our tour mother instead of Liz" Michael said passing me a piece of pizza.

"And?" I said.

"They said yes" Luke yelled.

"So I go when?" I asked fist pumping the air.

"We are flying out to America tomorrow and then we meet up with the guys, do some sight seeing and prepare for a week and then we are off on our first show" Luke explained.

"OMG! Ash help me pack" I squealed.

"Girls" Calum tutted.

I pulled my suitcase from under my bed and Ashton grabbed piles of clothes and dumped them in.

"Keep doing that. I need to go shopping later you guys joining me" I shouted as I ran to get some toiletries.

"Yay! I want to dye my hair" Michael announced.

"What's wrong with your browny blonde?" Luke asked.

"I don't know whether you know this Hemmings but I have style and dying my hair is the next step to becoming pink rock" Michael said.

"You will never be punk rock" I laughed as I zipped up my bag while Ashton sat on it.

"I will" Michael folded his arms and pouted.

"You watch cat videos and share puppy photos" Calum giggled.

"I am punk rock" Luke grinned.

"No your not. You can't have a tattoo, you can't get a piercing and your probably a virgin" Michael listed.

"I'll show you. Katy will you give me a hair cut and take me to get my lip pierced we will see who is punk rock" Luke looked at Michael darkly.

"Can I have a haircut?" Calum asked.

I ran to the bathroom and got my scissors and cut Calum's hair so it looked pretty cool then Luke's and went further by grabbing some hair gel and putting it in a quiff then sprayed hair spray on it.

"I look hot" Luke said admiring himself.

"Ok me now" Michael forced himself in front of me and I just trimmed his fringe.

"It's nearly 8am come on we gotta go Target will be open by the time we get there" Michael said. I got changed and then followed them out and sat in the back between Luke and Calum.

"We are all sleeping at my house tonight. The team is picking us up and then getting us on a flight at 10am so we need to be up by 5am" Luke said.

I laughed and looked over at the text Liz had sent him and it was about his suitcase and his toothbrush wasn't there and his shoes were dirty. He had also broke it to her about his planned piercing but even I had her on the phone and Luke had told me what to say and she finally agreed.

Ashton grabbed a trolley and immediately Michael crawled in and Ashton broke at a run. I walked with Calum and Luke.

We stopped at hair dye and Michael got two boxes of Black.

"Why do you need two?" Luke asked.

"Don't ask" Michael snapped. I grabbed myself several things I would need and then we went to the nearby piercing shop. I went up with Luke while the guys waited down stairs excitedly touching things while the guy behind the counter shot them glares.

I held Luke's hand as the needle shot through his lip. He looked at me with his puppy eyes but flinched and then suddenly smiled.

"Thanks" we both ran down the stairs walked in to see Ashton with stretchers and trying to put them in Michael's pierced ear.

"Who's punk rock now" Luke put on his sunglasses and casually walke out of the shop.

"What a dick" Michael mumbled under his breath

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