1. School

I ran out the door running to school. I was late technically I wasn't late. I just like to being early to school. It made me have a chance to get to my room without being bullied. Supposed to have been a new kid today. I went to my locker. I was in packing when someone touched my shoulder."Will you show the new kid around Brook?".I smile at miss.rep." Sure thing Miss.rep!". She smiles and I follow her to the office.There was a boy.He was a lot taller than me.His blonde hair in a quiff. I was just a baby with a lollipop and most likely he was here to steal it. It's as easy as stealing candy from a baby! He smiled at me "Hi I am Luke Hemmings I am from Australia!".I smile weakly "I'm Brook Muysc!". He smiles "I love your last name!".I smile "Thanks!".I showed him his locker and classes.Then the bell rings and the student rush in. I froze."Brook are you alright?".I stared "She is coming!".I gulp as Sasha Peters walks up to me. "hey dork fetch!". She throws my books on the ground.I slowly walk toward them picking them up when one of her posseys pushed me down "Your so ugly no one will miss you when you leave!".I fell a tear fall.Then I hear someone tell them "What did she do to you?".I look up it was Luke.Sasha smirks "I don't know but your really cute!".She walks to him.He shakes his head "I don't like you! You just pushed my new friend down!".He helps me out.I bite my lip "Thanks Luke!".He nods "I saw we have first class together lets go!".

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