Safe?![a michael clifford love story]



1. life before Sydney-introduction

Hi my name is Kaleigh

I live with my abussive and an alcoholic mother.

She beats me occasionally

Ever since my dad died it's been's been...just awfull...

My dad's the only one that really understands me

*quietly sobs* Lol

When my dad died my mum decided to start dating right away to be it was so

Anyways... she started dating and she met this man an he lives in Sydney,Australia yay that's so far away I live in chicago,Illinois.

And guess guessed it she's making me move down their but dammit in in my freaking last year of the hell hole they call school so now I have to transfer I'm not even leaving any of my friends behind because I don't have any:-( yet I don't really care it doesn't bother me.

But I get bullied a lot every body calls me emo,fag,bitch,whore,fat,ugly,etc.

So many more things I just hope it's not like that at my new school.maybe some new friends that are like me.

But I'm just a misfit,outcast,punk rock,etc. what ever you wanna call me it doesn't really matter I don't really care not everything gets to me jut a lot of shit...

But anyway

My appearance:

Purple hair about hip length it's actually kinda pretty.

I have bluish green eyes.

An eyebrow piercing,a nose (like in the middle of my nose like you know what I mean I hope),some ear piercings and a belly button.

I have a few tattoos

1-it's my dad's birthday and death date with his favorite bird he loved birds on my left hip

2-it's a batman symbol on my right forearm

3-I have a birdcage with birds in it


That's all the tattoos I have and piercings I have the tendency to dye my hair way more than I should.

A tiny bit more about my self

I love sweatshirts but that's so I can cover up my arms you know why...

I love penguins and Spider-Man :-)yay

I love bands like pierce the veil,Metallica,blink-182,my chemical romance,green day,

ac-dc,red hot chili peppers,black veil brides,falling in reverse,escape the fate,offspring,bowling for soup,good charlotte,busted,marilyn Manson,wheatus,all-American rejects,asking Alexandria,ed sheeren,a day to remember,blood on the dancefloor, U2, sleeping with sirens,panic! At the disco,motionless in white,bring me the horizon and mayday parade.

(Sorry I had to name them all but not all of them I still have some)

I also love cuddling,and bracelets,and of course POKEMON!!! Yay Pickachu lol..

I'm not all that religious and I cuss a lot like..a..lot..

We have to move into that guys house I hear he has a teenage daughter.

Oh btw I'm 17 almost 18.

I bet you that his daughters like a fucking blonde haired slut,and she'll probably just bully me like every one else.yay.(note the sarcasm).

Ugh I can't wait (agin not the sarcasm)lol I like sarcasm

So basically this is going to fucking awful I have to leave in a hour so Imma just take you thru what I'm packing and shit.

Ok so I grabbed my suitcase and put in all of my band t-shirts, my tank tops and crop tops. my shorts,all of my skinny with rips some with out.i put my makeup and hair stuff in and I zipped it up.

I grabbed my other suitcase and put my sweatshirts and long sleeve items and jackets in my suitcase,and all of my shoes except for my all black high top because imma wear them and I zipped my suitcase up and walked down stairs to put them by the door. I went back upstairs and grabbed my backpack it's a misfits backpack from hottopic it's amazing yay.

When I got my backpack I got all of my drawing pencils and pens and put them in a case in my backpack,i grabbed all of my drawing pads.i had a little more room and I realized that I had forgot to pack my hats so I grabbed my Chicago bulls hat and put it on and put all my beanies and hats in my bag but damn. I put all of my hats on the rim thing that people normally hold on the back pack(sorry I don't know what to call them)and because their snapback their hanging on that.

And I put on my backpack on my shoulder.

So I guess imma get going now so

Bye bye



Lol so this is ma first chapter of this book I really hope y'all like that.

Please vote,comment,and follow please.

Thank you :-)


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