Luke Hemmings Sister

Drama-free ((:


1. Chapter 1

Flora Hemmings POV


"Luke, are you making breakfast?" I asked softly, since I just woke up, I rubbed my eyes and stand beside Luke.


"morning" Luke greeted, then kissed my forehead. Yes we are that type of siblings. "and yes, im cooking breakfast"


"whatchu cooking?" I asked excitedly




"everyday" I rolled my eyes, "Im gonna go back to sleep"


"uh uh uh, you're helping me set up the plates" Luke stopped me


"But there's only 2 people in this house Luke" I whined. Both of our parents are out because they had some promotion or something, so here I am stuck with my older brother. The only difference is our height, im around his elbow area so, im really short.


"Fine" he groaned. I smiled to myself and continue to dreamland.




"FLORA MARIE HEMMINGS" Luke shouted in my ear.


"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT" I shouted back. Another difference is i swear and he doesn't


"I told you not to swear"


"I do what i want, im punk rock" I quoted my best friends' sentence. Yes, im friends with this boys. I never really have a girl friend because these boys are too ugly to have one. Just kidding, my boyfriend is Calum. The others are too ugly to have girlfriends.


"argh" Luke groaned, "cmon, breakfast is downstairs"


I turned to face him and pouted and raise my hands up, signifying him i wanted to be carried. Luke groaned again and carried me. "you're the best big brother" i said


"In the world?"


"nah" i laughed as he put me down on a chair, and started eating breakfast.


"Are you going out today?" Luke asked


"Nope" i pouted "My lazy ass here-" i patted my butt "Doesn't want to do anything today" I said. "ew Luke, you should really shave" I said, in a disgusted voice.


"I look old don't i?" he questioned then look at the mirror behind me


"yep, ah, i guess that's why no girls wants to date you boys" I laughed "except Calum, he has the squishiest butt in the world, oh my god i just want to-"


"TOO MUCH INFORMATION" Luke yelled then covered his ears. I just laughed my ass off. Then the front door opened, i looked and yelled,


"BABY" I run to Calum and hugged him, i covered my face in his chest.


"Morning princess" Calum laughed and kissed my head. I turned around and saw Luke giving a 'don't-make-her-cry-or-i'll-make-sure-you-don't-have-the-squishiest-butt-anymore" glare. I run back to my seat and continued eating.


"And you said your butt doesn't want to do anything" Luke laughed, i just rolled my eyes.

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