Is it love or hate? AFI



1. Chapter One

The only person I hated.

Ashton Irwin.

He hates me. I hate him.

In kindergarten, we were both horrible to each other. I once painted his hair blue and he cut y stuffed animals head off. It just escalated and we developed a mutual dislike for each other.

We don't really paint anymore so its more sarcastic comments or bitching to each other so its bad for those who are around us.

I walked into school today and ignored the stares of people in which I was usually fade with because I am always alone as I have no actual friends because I refuse to socialise.

However, one girl did approach me. I don't know what she was thinking. She looked like a saint.

"Hey I'm Abby Burrow" She said offering her hand to me. Okay, so I am a tiny bit OCD and I hate touching other people because one of the students last year had some weird disease that has a weird name.

"I'm Zoe" I said ignoring her had and throwing my book into my locker and shutting it with a clang.

"I just wanted to ask if we could hang out at lunch. I'm new here and everyone already has their little cliques and well your just" she said but I cut her off.

"Alone? I know" I snapped feeling irritated.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to be rude. I was just asking" she turned away but I put my hand out to stop er.

"No no. I'm sorry. I'm not used to people talking to me. Sure see you at lunch" Maybe I would actually make a friend.

"Sure bye Zoe" she left and I walked into homeroom.


Sorry the boys weren't in this but they will be next chapter

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