Luke's twin sister

Luke and Ollie are twins. Luke takes a fancy to Ollie's best friend Erin and Luke's band member likes Ollie. Will it all end well?
Despite this, Ashton finds himself choosing between his friends and his new girlfriend. Also, Michael is in a bit of a pickle regarding his new choice of hair colour.

1. 1

So my name is Olivia May Hemmings. People call me Ollie cause its better than Olivia.

I have two older brothers- Ben and Jack and then I have Luke my twin. Me and Luke are pretty close. We certainly do cause a bit of trouble together but sometimes we fight.

I awoke today to freakin American Idiot, a certain idiot was playing it on a Saturday morning. Was this payback for eating the last of the leftover pizza or when I purposely hid my pink speakers from him. Who knows? I was really annoyed because he did this all the time. Not that I minded Green Day, I was the one who forced Luke to listen to them.

I jumped up out of bed. I flung my covers behind me and opened my door. I stormed next door to Luke's room. Me and him got out own room since we were the youngest and all we did was mess up the room. (The wardrobe incident)

I banged on the door. I heard Luke's voice shout Go Away. I swear he's a drama queen.

"Luke! I swear you better turn it down or better off!" I screamed kicking the door.

"I said go away" He yelled louder.

"Get you skinny ass out here before I beat you up again" I threatened.

I heard the door unlock and in a plot second Luke had dived on me screaming and we both rolled around hitting each other. Until someone pulled me off Luke and hung me in midair by my collar. It was Jack. Ben grabbed Luke.

"Shut up or Mom will hear you" Ben hissed turning the music down.

"Hey I was listening to that!" Luke scowled.

"Yeah invest in some of these pal" Ben threw his earbuds at Luke.

"Put me down you Moran" I said and Jack dropped me.

"Where's Mom?" I asked pushing Luke one final time.

"She's having some old friends round so we have to clean up and you and Luke are helping Mom go grocery shopping" Jack said. I scowled.

I thought Mom had learnt last time she took me and Luke shopping. I remember it. I had forced Luke to get in the trolley and then pushed it into a large tower of toilet rolls. We both got grounded for three weeks for that one.

Mom shouted at us to get ready.

I Kent into my room. Luke opened the door just as I had pulled my jeans on.

"I could have been naked pervert" I hissed at him. He held a grey shirt in his hand.

"Can I wear your All Time Low top, I'll give you my Grey Nirvana one in return" He said. I threw my All Time Low top at him.

"Get out while I change" I threw one of his vans at him which he had purposely left in my room to confuse me.

I changed and put my hoodie on. Mom was downstairs looking flowery. Don't ask. She wears a lot of floral stuff but it suits her. I smiled at Dad. Dad and I were most alike- chilled and laid back. Me and Luke took after him as we were plain idiots. Jack had more sense but Ben was the most clever.

"Good morning Olivia" thats another thing that annoys me about Mom- she has to use my full name. Yet my entire family call me Ollie.

"Morning Mom. Hey Dad" I fist bumped my Dad who was folding his newspaper like it was origami.

I sat next to Jack as Ben was upstairs. Luke joined five seconds later and kissed Mom on the cheek. Suck up. He wants something.

He sat down across from me and I shot him a look which he returned almost instantly.

"Hurry along. Maybe if you were up earlier.." Mom went off into her many lectures as my Dad rolled his eyes at us three and Jack kicked me under the table because Mom was watching me. I kicked him back. He glared at me.

"Ready" Luke stood up cutting across Mom.

"Finally. Hurry up Olivia. Maybe if you were more like your brother.." I stood up leaving three quarters of my breakfast.

"Lets go then" I said fist bumping my Dad once more before following them to the car in which me and Luke battled for shotgun.

"Both of you in the back!" Mom said shrilly.

I got in.

Before long we were at Wal-mart. I was already bored with Mom's Whitney Houston CD and I had left my phone and headphones at home. Luke had jhis but he wouldn't let me listen with him because he's mean.

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