Sugar Nani, is a cafe ran by Nani Williams.

A young business women and college student; age of twenty-one that doesn't have time for herself other than the kitchen because it her paradise for creating tasteful desserts worth eating.

Wait until one evening she decides to go home late, when suddenly a handsome coffee burglar slash that doughnut thief about twenty-three years old named Eddy Dale breaks into the cafe literally asking for doughnuts.

The main questions:

Will these two strangers, both workaholics somehow get knotted together through this specific night or quarrel like a married old couple being caught by the night security guard?

How will they react?

What will Nani say to Eddy?

But will Eddy, ask her to go out with him?

Or maybe these are false questions to your answer so let's find out.


1. Hashtag #1; I won't use my taser gun on you, wild monkeys.

Sign: "We Are Close Sugar Cubes".


"Nani, it's getting late. I promise Ben, that would make dinner tonight," Sandy said.

Entering my office, while my sight was still glued onto the electricity and water bills I had in my hand looking at, for the café that I owned known as, 'Sugar Nani.' Snapping out of my focus, Sandy clicks her tough in frustration tapping her feet on the cream tiled floor in a rhythmic beat which annoyed me.

"Yes, you may live Sandy," I answer, while she beams, unfortunately I had to stop her moment of excitement.

"But tomorrow you'll have to do Gannet shift, which means the windows are on your duty," I smirk.

"Damn, this is just great," Sandy complains.

"This is why, I rather him in charge then you whiny baby," I thought, meanwhile someone knocks onto my door; once the door knob was twist and open, it reveals Randy, alongside with Mia.

"Nani, I believe we need more employees, you know," Randy suggests. Flicking my attention, as I sigh heavily shaking my head.

"Are you willing to cut your salary in half for me to paid them," I warn as he kept silent but Mia rolls her eyes removing her apron, throwing it on the floor and shouts.

"I'm fed up of this, I quit!" Mia storms off, while Randy chases after her calling out her name.

"Mia, Mia!" But she wouldn't listen.

"Nani," Sandy exclaims, with such concern then continues, "I thought you told them about the café being in some debts."

"Nope," I shrug.

"Nani, they are your staff members," Sandy sighs, "They need to know what's going on with the café's progress, with that, it can courage them to become more ambitious to work harder in order to build the café into something great," she looks me with worried eyes.

"You do have a point there Sandy," I reply, literally agreeing with her as I thought to myself, "Never imagine in my wildest dreams running a café would be so difficult," I pout, suddenly Sandy voice trails off out of the door.

"Anyways I'm going Nani. See you, tomorrow." With that Sandy quickly left.

Living alone, leaning in chair rocking it back and forth. When I remember my grandfather's favorite quote, 'Eat, bake and pray, that's the better way to solves your problems honey,' he said usually smiling every time he creates a special dessert that's worthy of satisfaction.

"Grandpa, oh how I wish you here," I mumbled.

Soon an image flash in my mind, when I realize a little girl about that age of seven standing on a wooden stool besides an old man in apron mixing chocolate cake batter, out of the blue, I notice that child was me making my first chocolate chip muffins on Grandpa's birthday.

"Those memories are forever in my heart," I muttered to myself getting off my chair, exiting my office strolling pass the employee's locker room and took the right corner into the back kitchen.

I, inhale the sweet aroma of fruits, noting that, Garret and Mia had finish the wedding cake that Emilia and Drew order last week. All the details on the cake; flora design were flawlessly made and well crafted.

"Amazing as usual," I beam.

Still observing the cake, it gave me a weird idea. I decided to make something extra for the bride's groom since I heard that he really likes donuts according to his wife Emilia. I approach the upper cupboard then fridge pulling out the specific ingredients needed and also three donuts baking pans. Once I got everything settle onto my clean counter, immediately I went to work chopping and blending the apples and cherries.

Then boil it to medium fire making it like a jelly jam mixture; adding sugar in it. While doing that, I made a cornmeal dough with oats and let if rise for thirty minutes after, I got back to the jam and tasted it, it was deliciously done. I turn off the fire underneath then set a large bowl with water on the counter and place the heated pan onto the surface so the coldness of the water can absorb the heat, as soon as it's cools. Therefore, I cut the dough into twenty separate pieces and roll it into a circular shapes placing the dough's into the three pastry donut pans, pouring the jelly jam substance accurately each of them. And the excess dough, I used them as creating a covering for the top layer; sparkling the rest of the cherries and apples onto them like a form of a design. Once finish, I place each into the oven within at least twenty-five minutes it would be ready. Afterwards, I clean up my surroundings and defiantly satisfy with the neatness. Suddenly the over timer buzz and I put on the gobbles and pull out the pans one by one placing each onto the the counter top to cool, it took a while before their heat became warm temperature.

"Almost done with the, 'Apple Cherry Donuts,' pie for Drew," I utter to myself, feeling relieve from there I went and take the ready made cold solid frosting containers; chocolate and vanilla mix: designing the bare top layer with soccer ball patterns for the style, as soon as I was done. I snap a picture of the finish product with my camera and place it into my recipe album call, 'Only things that would make me, smile.'

"Finally, I'm finish with this huge donut," I laugh, "Emilia and Ben will love this," I smile.

Out of the mist within my small talk, I heard a sound cracking from the outer area where all the customers normally eat, chat do whatever they want, as I thought, "Did Paul arrive? He did say, he would probably be late today," then it hit me, when I remember Paul, the janitor, said that he was going to pick up  his daughter Stephanie at the airport.

Quickly I grab a sharp edge knife, out the drawer. Mom always used to say, 'Never live your kitchen without a knife, spoon, or even a straw basket,' as I went out of the kitchen hearing the sound of footsteps approaching out the exit direction, I stop, with adrenaline rushing through my vein the knife held firmly in my hand, there it was a or should I say there he was, a guy in my cafe wrecking my place searching for something, when his eyes peeled onto me.

"Uh, Boujour my lady. What's that smell? Cause, I kind of skip night breakfast," he sheepishly laughs.

"Excuse me, did you just break into my café?" My nose flare like an angry ox.

"Yeah I did," he shrugs, like it wasn't nothing important, "Do you have donuts?" He asks, which caught me off guard, when I thought, "What idiot, would break into a place asking for donuts?" I frown, without knowing I answer.

"Yes so, I'm not giving you them", I warn.

"What! You do have donuts?" He beams, "Blessed be the mother of donuts. I want some, I'm starving here; if you go get them quick that would be nice, though," the blue, greenish eye chocolaty brown hair guy pouts, giving me the puppy doggy goggling eyes.

"No!" I shriek, my voice trails off echoing in the cafe.

He gulps, biting his lower lip approaching with a piercing dagger speechless expression, "What do you mean, no." He half heartlessly, laughs, as I step back walking till my back touches the wall behind, "Isn't this place suppose to do charity stocks?"

"Look here, sunny boy. This isn't Christmas and coffee beans, what do you take me for? My cafe is literally heading into a ditch, I can't mange to give charity stocks twenty-seven like I used too," I explain more like hiss at him.

He blurts, "Women, what are you?"

"Dude, can you just get out of my cafe before I slice your butt in half," I threatened, showing off the knife about to attack him, when suddenly a mid age wearing security guard uniform appears walking into the drama.

"What the heck is going on here?" He questions, obviously his eyes plasters onto me, "Miss, what you're doing-," without no longer continuing he says, "Put the weapon down and put your hands up!"

I frowned, "What! I'm the owner of this cafe you big buffoon," I clenched my fist.

"How there you say that, to our security top guy," the guy mischievously winks at me.

"What is he planning?" I thought, raising my brow as he continues, " The pride and joy of our nation's people, don't you have any respect for him. And instead of lying about my cafe; you just came in here creating a mess, threatening me."

My eyes widen in anger, "Stop, lying. You're not the owner idiot, I am. Sir, I can explain-," with that, I got cut off, with hand cuffs being clamp onto my wrist and the security guard also did the most stupid thing in his entire life, hand cuffing me along with the donut burglar.

"It seems like with cuffed, gorgeous." He says, "Mind changing your thoughts about giving me some, donuts."

I pierce my lips fiercely, " We're in a freaking situation and all you could think about is, shitty damn donuts."

"Babe, don't insult the beauty of the donut land," he smirks, teasingly.

"Don't waste your time about it, sucker," I roll my eyes.

"You know, it seems that your panties is more twist up your," he pauses, my jaw went loose about, I could retort, when the security guard and of course I'm squinting my eyes at his name, 'Tommy Jones,' intervenes, "Would you two married bone heads, shut up."

"We're not married!" We yell.

Tommy glared at us, "Uh, you two are giving me a headache, just escort yourself out and get into my vehicle."

"Ha, Ha! No," I state.

"Or else, I'm filing a law suit against this cafe, if you don't," Tommy warns.

I felt myself trembling, "You wouldn't dare do this?" Would you?"

Tommy smirks, "Of course not, everything is all rainbows and jelly beans. I would, defiantly," he says, "Now get going, you two love birds."

"We're not a couple," I scoff.

"Didn't you admitted you would slice my tears into hearts," the dude, just seriously rephrases my sentence in a girlish tone.

I grit my teeth, " I did not, say that. And I don't sound like that moron."

"Ah, enough of this," Tommy said, pushing out of my cafe and into the vehicle parked besides the sidewalk, "Get in and I won't use my taser gun on you, wild monkeys."

"Hey!" We both shriek.

Sliding into the back seat, as Tommy closes the door on us. Suddenly the guy, just rests his head against the side of mine, "What is this, Broadway?" I shove him off, rubbing my head as he laughs and starts poking my left cheeks.

"Your cheek, is so soft," he teases, "I want to lick them, I'm sure it tastes sweet."

I glared, "You butt ball, keep your tough to yourself only," warning him, " Or, I'll cut it off before we reach the police station."

"Such a bad mouth you got there," he smiles, "It needs to be purify."

I roll my eyes, "As if you got something to purify it with?"I click my tough in annoyance.

"Don't mind, if I lock it up using this," he pokes out his tough, giving me the creeps.

I shiver, then counter, "No thanks, you can keep it to yourself before I drag it half way across the road."

His mouth's open, in frustration a bit, "Girly, you are one mess up, chick," he tries to fold his arms.

"Seriously, what did you do?" Tommy asks, "Your girlfriend, seems like she wants to murder you, boy."

I grunt, "For the, last time I'm not his," the idiot covers, my mouth with his hands, "She's just on the time of the month sir, you know, how they get when they so sensitive."

Immediately I bit the upper edge of his hand, "Ow, why you bite me?" He quickly pulls his hand away from my lips as I smirk, "Cause it taste, salty as chips that's why." He rubs his painful, bruise hand frowning at me.

"We're here, get out," Tommy announces.

Brown-greenish eye guy slides out first, then I follow out slamming the passenger's door behind me, close and enter the police station, we were welcome with loud chatting and laughter plus the smell of coffee and donuts wasn't the dreams to be lock up in with someone who's obviously addicted to this nonsense.

"What do we have here?" The Hispanic women properly late thirties, dress in a mini skirt, leather jacket smoking a cigarette questions and smirks eye raping the guy besides me, "Honey, what problem did you get yourself in this time?"

"She knows him," I thought, giving him the look, 'What are you? A man whore,' I curiously stare at him, when he spoke.

"Latina, Lola. It's been a while hasn't it," he smiles, "What brings you to this turf?"

She smirks, "I ask first, who's this dolly Polly?"

"Excuse me," before I could bark my rants about fashion madness, he answers, "She's my girl, got a problem, with it?"

She shrugs, "None at all," she smirks, " See you around Eddy Dale," she winks at me, as I step back behind him as she walks pass us escorted by the officer to the next area.

"You two, take a seat here!" A grumpy male voice orders, we turns and realize a man dress in a white suit, then we strangely watch each other, "Wedding," he explains.

"Oh," we said, smiling.

"Now tell me, what really happen here? And why did security guard Tommy, got off shift from the cafe?" He asks.

"Sir, he broke into my cafe asking for donuts, then Tommy hand cuffs us for no stupid reason that couldn't be solve without it," I told him, as he eyes went on the guy alongside me.

"You?" He questions.

"Same, plus she threatened me with a knife she had," Eddy; I'm assuming, according to the Hispanic women, Lola call him, said.

The man, grab of his grayish long hairy bread gently tugging it down in thought and replies, "I'll let you two off the hook. But I don't ever want to see you guys here again, is that clear?"

"Yes sir," we salute him like idiotic scouts going on a camping trip and left the police station.




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