5sos imagines #2

A bunch of imagines either made up or from tumblr. I take requests so just comment if you want a specific imagine or preference for a certain boy ��


2. imagine #2

If you went on a date


Luke's would take you to a theme park. He will try to win you a massive teddy in the arcade. And he would go on all the rides with you no matter what.


Calum would take you out to dinner. Calum likes to show off and would make reservations at a fancy place. He would drink wine with you and then walk you home after having desert. Where you would kiss under the moon and stars.


Ash would take you to the movies. A bit cliche but he'd watch a comedy because he loves it when he hears you laugh. You love his laugh as well making him equally as happy. You would buy a large popcorn and jumbo drink to share.

You would both laugh really loudly and people around you would shush you. But you were having a good time laughing at Ashton's dying whale laugh.


Michael would take you to the park. Its a bit weird, as you thought when he told you. He had it all sorted out. Your favourite pizza, your favourite drink and all your favourite foods on a blanket with in the park. You would stay until sunset where then you would lay next to each other under the stars. Gazing into his green eyes.

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