Someone Out There

A poem I wrote about homelessness, after my mum told me stories of how she's helped and helping people who have nothing to give but their gratitude.

"Appreciate what you have. There is always someone out there who wishes for what you have."


1. Someone Out There

Throw away your phone

Your laptops and tablets too

Dispose of your messy wardrobe

That you've never truly gone through


Get rid of all your toys

The ones from years ago

Release your childhood memories

Let your self-esteem fall low


Chuck out your school textbooks

And those boring revision guides

Your stationery, equipment

Burn all your novels in piles


Dig a massive pit

And bury all your comfy shoes

While you're at it, find a rubbish dump

And there, your keepsakes and treasures, just lose


What of your 'best friends forever?'

Why, they're no longer around!

Forget about your bedroom

It's nowhere to be found


Switch off your heating system

Cut the WiFi too

Just get rid of all electricity

The bills aren't a problem - phew!


In fact, just sell your house

Your flat, your car, your home

And give away your job

There's no need for that work phone


Now, leave all your family members

In fact, you don't know of any!

And move really far away

Nowhere near to anybody


Leave the hospitals, the shops

Let your money sit there and rot

Stay far away from love and care

What of holidays? There are naught




By the way, you've got no food

A few pennies in a bowl

A scrappy two year old scarf

Other than that, you're freezing cold


Sit outside those old chip shops

Under the roof whilst it rains

Squeeze the water from your vest top

And shiver through the pain


Don't eat for a good few days or so

Unless a passer-by throws you a coin

And stay as still as possible

You're inconvenient, you're a pain


Cough only to yourself

No one wants your dirty germs

Especially as you smell so foul

Not as sweet as rotting worms


If it snows, you're simply stuffed

In a storm? Just close your eyes

And imagine you had all those things

People walk past with all the time


Think of a cosy house

A bed, that's all for you!

A dryer! Warm clothes!

A bathtub! Some shoes!


Dream of a fresh cooked dinner

A steaming hot plate of food

Wish for a loving household

Not the constant sound of "shoo!"


Hope for a tree for Christmas

Some presents if you're lucky!

Imagine the excitement

Of a 'full-of-turkey' tummy


But open your eyes to the darkness

The selfish world in which you live

And cry for a better tomorrow

Though others have so much to give




Would you like to be homeless at Christmas?

Or any other time of the year?

It's hard to imagine, or live through

So give them some Christmassy cheer


That pound you wanted for sweets?

Buy the homeless man a warm drink

The fiver for those nice earrings

A hot meal would be nice, don't you think?


Ten quid could buy her a nice warm coat

A hat, scarf and gloves if you're thrifty

Twenty pounds could buy them all the above

Need I illustrate for a 50?


In this, our modern society

We are raised to want for naught

Everything comes at the clap of our hands

There's a lesson we're not being taught:


Show love to everybody

Give to everyone that's in need

It doesn't have to be with money

Could be time, or joy; meet their needs


Not purely because of this reason:

That it might be you one day

But show the kind and human side of you

And where you can't help, simply pray

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