Private school girl

Zoe has moved so she can start the new private school for girls. Meaning she has to walk through the roughest estate in town. Meeting Michael Clifford a rather interesting person....


1. the estate 🍕

Today was my first day at the private school, Mom had paid over 45,000 for me to go to. I got kicked out of my last school. Not for anything bad. For basically being different. I dyed my hair purple and refused to change it and I came in black socks instead of grey. Stupid stuff like that. I then went on strike and sat on the floor outside the office shouting things at teachers. Not especially harsh things just some stuff like 'Gender Equality' and stuff like that.

This school is much more strict.

My hair is back to its normal brown and I've had to take out my lip and ear piercings because they weren't allowed. I found this ridiculous.

I got dressed in the tartan skirt. It was supposed to be knee length but there is no way I am wearing that over the knee so I wore it mid thigh. I put some black socks on as well. They stretched over my knee but it wasn't my fault they were massive. I put the crimson blazer with the school crest on. My brother and sister were downstairs. I had the attic bedroom meaning they couldn't wake me up.

I grabbed a few things and left to eat my breakfast. I walked downstairs. My dad was in his singing mood and was belting out Rihanna and Shakira while reading his paper. My brother, Seth, was ten and practically a little shit. He was eating all the waffles as usual. Penelope was my three year old sister, she is the sweetest person ever. She was eating cornflakes and laughing her cute giggle.

I sat down.

"Are you excited?" Mom asked passing me coffee. I shrugged in reply. It's too early I cant function right now.

"She's going to a posh girls school. SNOB!" Seth said. I shot him a look and mouthed fuck you at him.

"Shut up Seth. Zoe, Dad is going to drop you off then you will walk home" Mom said. I nodded.

"Hurry up then before you are late" Dad shouted and I got up, grabbing my bag and coat.

"Bye Mom" I said.

"Be good this time" She called as I walked out and got into Dad's car. I was drive to school with the company of my Dad's droning voice with the lecture he was giving me.

I walked into school and followed some girls. Luckily I had been shown around and I knew what to do. There was a queue for the registration and then we would be given 5 minutes to get to our class.

"Name?" Oh god it was my turn already? I stepped forward.

"Zoe Cameron" I said. She typed my name into her computer.

"Here's your timetable. Your first class is Science and its just upstairs" she said. I nodded taking the slip of paper off her.

I walked up the stairs and found room 201 quite easily. Inside were a lot of students. I walked to the back and the teacher began to seat us.

"Zoe Cameron and Emily Canfield behind them please" a girl across the room starting moving towards the seats. She narrowed her eyes at me. She looked like a Classic Regina George. I could tell I was going to hate her. I sat down and she did the same. She smelt of flowers and girly perfume which she had drowned herself in. She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her friends were sat at the other side of the room.

For the entire lesson I was ignored. I think the only attention she gave me was when she sharply elbowed me.

"Why are you taking up so much room!" She exclaimed. I glared at her.

"Don't look at me like that" She added.

"I don't want to look at you anyway" I muttered hoping she heard me.

The bell rang and I got out of the class as soon as I could.

*skip the rest of the day*

I walked out of school. I had had four lessons that day each an hour and a half. Science, English, Geography and Spanish.

I crossed over and turned my phone on. It wouldn't be so bad except I was walking home through the roughest estate in the town. I had heard lots about it and decided I'd just walk as fast as I could.

I started walking and then saw a gang up ahead. They had black hoods covering their faces and one was carrying a bottle of vodka.

I turned a corner into goodness knows where. It was like some kind of maze.

Then another corner. And another. Then I looked around. I had absolutely no idea where I was.

The houses all looked the same. The roads, the pavement, everything.

I carried on walking and turned the corner closest to me. I looked up and then pulled my phone out. Google maps would sort this out.

"Are you lost?" A voice to my left gave me a heart attack.


839 words

First chapter

Hope you like it

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