The Adventures of The Traveling Circus

Ever wanted to know what happens when a group of Idiots team up together? Follow our group of young, foolish adventures as they explore the Forgotten Realms looking for adventure, glory, gold and girls.
Begin by learning their backgrounds and how they all grew to be the idiots they are today and then follow them in their almost certain to fail quests. So grab your sword and shield, strap into your armor and come along for the ride of misfits and mayhem.


1. Prelude - Affairs Of The Forest

The young elven ranger slowly rose from the ground, and slowly turned around. Turning to face the voice he saw that the man had a crossbow readily loaded with a bolt. "Move towards me and I’ll shoot!" he exclaimed, cocking his head Varis studied the man. His figure was a large one however his eyes were wild and spoke of adventure and heroism from the stubble that was on his face it was obvious that the man hadn't been keeping himself together, this was also evident from is long messy hair which was dirty from whatever he had been doing. He wore simple leather clad that gave him some protection against the elements and would help him handle any light scuffles he may find himself in. From his belt hung a slightly rusted short sword, a dangerous thing to do as it was not in a sheath. "May I inquire who you are?" asked Varis in his elegant voice, his words running like fresh water flowing along a forest stream. "No! No you may not 'inquire' it's you who'll be doing the talking sunshine," Spat out the man, angrily.
"Okay but it does seem that you're talking more than me," Varis speculated.
"Argh! Just shut up, now what’s your name pretty boy,"
"Varis Underwood, at your service and might I just thank you for the compliment, but surely if you want me to shut up I can't do this talking you want me to do?"
"It wasn't a compliment boy, now stop being such a smart mouth, the odds aren't exactly in your favour are they?"
"Aren't they?"
"No! I have a crossbow pointed at you look,"
The man flailed his weapon around in the air dramatically getting Varis to pay attention to it
"See!" Exclaimed the man
"But it's not pointed at me anymore now, it’s kinda in the air now isn't it,"
The man aimed the crossbow at Varis' head, "I wasn't gonna do this but you've left me with no choice,"
"Why what did i do?" Varis asked in a slightly startled voice.
"Your words, they... annoy me, goodbye Varis Underwood,"
Just as the man prepared to fire the bolt that was loaded in the crossbow he heard a soft twang ring out and turned to see an arrow flying directly towards him from behind the tree line.

The man dropped to his knees before falling backwards onto the ground just in front of Varis' feet. An arrow protruded from his chest directly center to his heart. The arrow had a long black wooden shaft and at the end it was fletched with swan feathers creating a bold contrast between the two parts, the arrow head wasn't visible as it was buried in the man's chest and was the only thing stopping the flow of blood. Leaning down Varis slid the man's eyelids closed so it looked like he was sleeping then wrapping his hand around the arrow's shaft he slowly slid it out of the man's chest so he could study the arrow head. He was sure that it was of elven make but couldn't be sure until he saw the arrow head and it could give some clues into who shot it if it was an elven arrow as they varied throughout the different elven families. As he pulled out the arrow blood started flowing from the wound. The thick crimson liquid trickled down the man's side staining the moss that covered the side of the path a dark red. Studying the arrow head he saw the familiar, intricate elven runes of his race. Deciphering the runes a pain emerged in his heart as he read the family name, Darthag. The only one of that family he knew that who fletched their arrow’s with swan feathers.
A figure emerged from the direction that the arrow had been shot from. It was another elf, this one older than Varis however not by much. He had raven black hair and pickled green eyes and stood a foot taller than Varis. "Ah Varis my old friend," said Arbane as he approached him. Tensing his fists he responded in an icy "Hello Arbane, what brings you here?"
"Just on the chase,"
"What for?"
"An adventure! What else,"
Pondering the idea make Varis think, he'd love to be free all his life he'd been confined to the elven cities and even now, as serving as a forest ranger, one of the youngest as well at only 26, for not the first time he longed to be free, from the restrictions of the elves, all the rituals he had been raised around. Yes an adventure sounded good, but right now his loyalty belonged to the Elven Ranger Corp and he couldn't just go off for an adventure, maybe in 50, 100 years though.
"An adventure does sound good," he muttered but Arbane picked it up
"Join me then! It'll be us again, old friends against the world," he exclaimed excitedly.
"Against the world? I don't remember that, us against the rules maybe,"
"Come on, why not!"
"I can't right now, I’m in the Ranger Corps, i can't just leave"
Arbane narrowed his eyes and looked at the dead man on the ground who had been momentarily forgotten "Wait the Ranger Corp?" he asked
"Yes why?" asked Varis, then looking at what was in Arbane's line of sight his thoughts cleared "Ah yes, the spilling of blood." He prepared to mimic the howl of a wolf, his Corp call. However before he could make the sound Arbane dashed forward and raising his hand he brought it down hard on Varis' head.

"I spilt no blood!" exclaimed Varis as he stood before the Elder Council. After being knocked unconscious by Arbane he had been dragged to the closest elven settlement along with the dead man. From there he had been escorted by Corps Rangers to the Elven city that ruled over the population of the elven community that lived in the forests of Halruaa with Arbane and now he faced the Elder Council, a collection of the 6 lords and 6 ladies of the Halruaa forests, and Varis was not happy that his grandfather was on it.  "This is one of the few nations in Faerûn where Elves and Human are able to live alongside one another in peace and harmony and you have gone and killed a human!" roared his grandfather,
Orym standing up. Although he was old under his clothes muscles were visible and it was obvious that he was a strong and capable individual. Varis backed away from the yelling trying to avoid the spittle that was flying from his grandfather's mouth. "I haven't" he cried
Just then, in ran a messenger
"Elder Orym!" the messenger panted,
"I bring dire news, the man killed in the forest" he looked darkly at Varis "his death has been discovered by his people, they are demanding retribution and bloodshed."
Orym lowered his head and thought of what he could do to resolve the problem only one thing came to his mind. He raised his head and grimly announced "Varis Underwood, you have killed a man in the forest we call hom-" 
"I didn't kill him!" yelled out Varis in one last attempt. It failed.
"SILENCE!, you have broken the peace leaving yourself with two options, you will be either banished from this place you called home, not to set foot in this forest for a hundred years on threat of death, or you can be given over to the land from which the slain man came, what do you chose?"
Varis took a deep breath



The sun was rising over the trees in the horizon and a the dew was settling on the crisp blades on grass that swayed in the slight breeze . Beyond the forest spread a vast green plain with a few trees and weathered rocks scattered around. Turning back to look at the forest he saw his childhood home. Smiling slightly as he remembered little things about his time that had been there such as the nights where he would climb to the top of the tallest trees to watch the stars. Sighing he turned to face away, he couldn't linger on those thoughts, he had the rest of his life ahead and although he wouldn't admit it, he felt it would be nice to have some breathing space. Things in the forest had always been a bit... well tense and strict. Elves liked to keep to their ways and traditions and when they can live for up to a thousand years it can be tedious. He guessed though, as his father had left before they knew each other that he and his father were perhaps both restless with the ways of the old however he felt a pang of sorrow knowing he would never truly know this or indeed his father.  Above him a flock of birds flew over, doing a sweep of the land ahead before turning back to the forest, no doubt checking that he'd left the forest. Varis looked into the forest and saw eyes peering out, ensuring he was leaving the forest, after all if he stayed in the forest or returned then he would of broken the banishment and would have to be punished with death. Turing his back on his home he strode away to life beyond the forest.



A man strolled out a bar leaving the sounds of fighting behind him. Placing his bag of gold in his hand he weighted it and found it considerably heavier. Grinning he walked through town making his way to the town's gate. Another man ran out of the bar chasing after the first but ran into the fist of the first man and promptly collapsed on the ground. Smiling he walked out of the gate leaving the town behind.


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