Why I love you Michael Clifford



1. Chapter 1

I giggle as I read a text from my new friend I met of the Internet she lived close to me but still miles away.We talked about our favirote bands.I bump into someone.I fall with all my stuff around me.I bite my lip and grab my stuff.I notice someone was helping me?Who I am a total loser at this school no one gets me. I stand up and look up.I see a boy he had blonde hair failing to the right side of his head. he had a smile placed on his face.He was really cute."Oh sorry I wasn't looking I was talking to my only friend!".I whisper.He chuckles "Oh it's alright!".I smile shyly "may I have my stuff back?"he nods and hands it to me.I smile and rush away but when I reach my locker he comes up."what's your name?".I bite my lips trying for it not to come out in a big blob of words "Lily".He smiles and looks to his feet and back at me "your very pretty Lily my name is Michael !" I smile "nice to bump into you"He giggles "your funny too wow".I bite my lip ring."May I have your number ?" I nod "sure" I hand him my number on a slip of paper with my name on it.He smiles and walks away and I hurry away but decided against it. I will just skip school today. I walk out the school doors totally ignoring the teachers who tried to tell me to go to class. I took my bike a ride to my house. I got a text as I arrived at my house "Skipping school eh well that's not very good girl like?".I shrug "Who said I was a good girl?".I text back. I soon get a text back "I'll skip too!".I text back "Wow why?". I walk in my mom was at work in California and my dad is at least a few miles away from her. I take my uniform off and put black skinny jeans on.Then a AC/DC shirt on. I put my pink hair in a pony tail.I get a text back "Where you live and we can hang?".I text my address.Then I put on my record player a Nirvana record. It made enough sound to hear downstairs. I barely heard my doorbell ring. I open the door to see Michael."Hi Michael!".He smiles "May I come in?".I shrug "Depends answer me this question! What is the real reason you're hanging out with me?".He smiles "Your beautiful and seemed cool to hang out with!".I nod "But I am a reject no one likes me!".He smirks "Maybe I am too!". I shrug "Fine come in my fellow reject!".He chuckles.How did he get to me so fast? I smile and walk to my room with him following. I take the record off. "So what do you want to do?".He smirks "Want to get some pizza and discuss this?".I smirk "Let's do it!". He ran toward the door with me following. I saw his red car in the front. I smile "You can drive?".He shakes his head "Ashton does you mind if he tags along?".I shrug "I don't mind!".He smiles "Want shotgun?".I shake my head "Go ahead and have it!". Michael opens the back door.I blush as I get in and he shuts the door. Then he gets in the front "Ash wake up!".A boy a bit older than us with brown hair like Michael's wakes up."I am up uh that didn't take very long?". I pop my head in between the chairs "No it didn't I'm hungry can we get going my bar pizza is waiting?".Ashton jumps a bit "Ah who are you how'd you get in my car?".I smile and sit back "Well Michael opened the door and I lifted my leg and started sitting in the seat....".Michael and Ashton laugh "So your Michaels girl he has been!".Michael slams his hand over Ashton's mouth."We want to go to Pizza Hut!".Ashton wriggles his eyebrows "Okay but that will cost 2 pieces of pizza!".I shrug "As long as I have 2 it's fine!".Michael shrugs "Well save the other 2 a piece!".Ashton started driving "So Lily tell us about you!".I smile "Well uh my name is Lily, I like green and pizza! My favorite animal is uh cats! Then like my Pokemon and walks on the beach!". Michael smiles and Ashton elbows him."Wow Michael #dreamgirl for you!".I blush "Uh I like that too!".I smile "So uh Ashton tell me about you!".He nods "Uh well I am Ash I play drums I like red and spaghetti! I don't like ducks.I uh I guess I am very happy to have Michael and the other 2 dorks!".I smile "Who are those 2 dorks?".Michael shrugs "Well when we're done eating we can see a movie and then school will be out then you can see the boys!".I nod as we pull up to Pizza Hut. We all get out. Michael seemed sad that he couldn't open the door for me. When we got in Michael told me and Ashton to sit that he would get the pizza. We got a booth by the window "So Michael really likes you!". I blush "He does?".He nods "He saw you a couple of days ago when we moved here and he liked you he would talk on and on about you!".I blush "He's the only one who would really hang out with me!". Ashton nods "He told us that he wanted to ask you out!".I smile "I would say yes he seems really cool!". Michael comes back grinning "Here is our pizza!".He brings back a box of pepperoni pizza! I smile "You know what type of pizza is the best!". I grab a piece.Michael smiles "uh Lily?".I lol at him "Vas up?".He chuckles a bit " Will you be my uh girlfriend?".I nod "Sure!".He sighs of relief."I thought you would say no!".I giggle "Nah I like you too!".I bop his nose as I take a bite of my pizza. He chuckles and we finish are pizza with the other 2 pieces for the others. Who ever they were? "So we don't have time for a movie but if we drive the long way to school we will be there in time to pick the boys up?".I nod "Let's do it!". We jump in the car.I smile and Ashton turns the music up it was All Time Low. I smile "Yeah I love All Time Low!". Michael smiles "Stick your face out the window!".I do and we scream. It was fun.We get toward the school. I get in I see a blonde boy and a dude with black hair waving. Is that them? Michael smiles "Calum! Luke over here!".The boys look this way. I scoot over.Then Michael gets out and sits next to me "I didn't want you sitting next to someone you didn't know!". I smile "Thanks!".The 2 boys get in "Hello!".I smile and wave "Hi!".The blonde one smiles "I'm Luke who are you?".I smile "Lily!". He smiles "Oh well that is Calum!".I nod."Your really cute Lily!".Calum says.I smile "Thanks!".Luke turns back around "So are you Ash's or Michael's?". I look at Michael "Michaels!". He pats his leg "Finally took long enough!".I giggle.We pull up to a house it was the one 2 houses down from mine."Your welcome to come in?".I nod "Sure!". Me and Michael get on and he immediately grabs my hand. We walk in and he smiles "Follow me!".

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