To Be a Writer

A poem I think everyone on Movellas can relate to!


1. To Be a Writer


So I dare ask it,
But what is a writer?
Some to speak on paper with a permit?
Or someone who has become a fighter?

To be a writer is to feel,
And to feel is to have been hurt,
We cast our own armour of steel,
When we have been treated like dirt.

To be a writer is to be open,
Much like the pages of our books,
But all the negativity ropes in,
And we're shot dirty glances and looks.

To be a writer is to follow our dreams,
But we don't do this in our sleep,
We rip open the seams,
And from our seeds we shall reap.

We write for those who have nothing to say,
For those who have forgotten,
They've lost themselves, gone astray,
Who have let their emotions go rotten.

To be a writer is to be alive,
Yet some people treat us like scum,
They live the single life from once they arrive.
But we have lived many more than them.


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