Do You Remember? •Sequel to 1D and the MermaID•

~*~*~*~*~*Sequel to 1D and the MermaID ~*~*~*~*~*

What happens when all that was just a dream?

What happens when Harry forgot everything.....
He never met Aqua and they never got married.

But what if it wasn't?
What if Aqua had no choice, but to make Harry forget all about her.

As if he never met her.... So he could live his life happy with some other woman other than her.

Thirteen years later, Aqua is swimming by and happens to see someone fall in the ocean. She sees a thirteen year old girl drowning. So she swims to save her.

But what happens when that thirteen year old girl is Harry's daughter....


1. Chapter 1

👑 Aqua's POV:

**Her wedding day**

I walked up to the entrance, I was so nervous I was going to trip and fall, everyone else's stares were making me even more nervous. But once I looked up I meet Harry's gaze, he looked so handsome in his suit. His eyes were glossy and a tear fell out his right eye.

I instantly forgot about everyone else and walked down the isle until I reached the end. My dad gave me a kiss and nodded to Harry. Harry took my hands in his and helped me up the altar.

Tears were starting to fall from my eyes. The priest read from the bible and we read each other our vows.  "Harry styles, do you take Aqua to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

I looked into Harry's eyes and he looked into mine "I do"

Tears were pricking my eyes and I couldn't wait to say I do. I was smiling at Harry and he smiled back at me.

Soon the priest turned to me and started reading to me. I was listening to him as he spoke what I had to say, when I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. I tried to ignore it, thinking it was just butterfly's.

But I was wrong, so wrong. I felt like I couldn't breath, almost as if I were a fish gasping for air. I had a weird feeling and I looked for my dad. He stood there looking worried and suddenly he collapsed and my eyes widened.

Harry turned around and people were around my dad trying to help him. I picked up my dress and ran to my dad. I seen Jacob was there holding him in his arms. I looked up at him and he shook his head, I choked on a sob and started shaking my dad to wake up.

I felt hands around my waist trying to pick me up from the floor and I kept smacking their hands away. But he was strong enough, Harry helped me up and held me close to his chest, hugging me while I cried. He rested his chin on my head while rubbing my back saying everything will be ok.

"Why!" I cried "Why did this have to happen to him!?"

I hiccuped in his chest and felt myself calming down. Harry let go and I turned around to see everyone was gone but the guys and my bridesmaids. Jacob had tears in his eyes, I knelt down "" I had so much to say but couldn't get them out right "What could have caused this?" I asked Jacob

He looked up at me and swallowed his lump in this throat. He whispered so only I could hear "It was the plant, the sea witch who gave it to us told us it could be risky. We didn't care, we wanted to come see you...."

I interrupted "How do you feel? Why is this only happening to him?" I asked him

"She said that it would be riskier for my dad, that it came with side affects and could harm him.... I was hesitant at that time. I didn't want him to take it if it could hurt him but he didn't care he.... He had already taken it." Jacob sobbed

My chest felt heavy and my breathing was coming out quick. "We have to get him to the water." I whisper-yelled, I stood up "C'mon Jacob help me pick him up! We have to go! It will heal him! He needs the water!"

I turned towards Harry "Harry Please! Please help me, we need to take him to the beach!"

My dad wasn't dead, he was just weak. He couldn't get up. As Jacob and Harry helped him up they helped him walk towards the car. Now that I realize it, as my dad was walking me down the isle I felt him a little tense, his legs kept wobbling. But I just figured it was because he was nervous and it was his first time walking.

Jacob and Harry helped him in the car and I hopped in the back and say next to my dad as Harry got in the drivers seat and Jacob in the passenger side.

I held my dad in my arms sobbing and caressing his face. Please wake up! Please! I thought to my self

"You are strong daddy, you will get through this.... Just hang on. We're almost there" I spoke into my dads ear. Harry was driving as fast as he could.

Once we got to the beach Harry and Jacob walked him to the shore where no one was around. We went to the area where it was private.

I ran trying to catch up but these heels were making me slow and it was hard to walk in the sand so I took them off and held them in my hand as I ran to catch up.

Harry and Jacob were walking towards the shore and I got I between Harry so I could take him to the water. I don't care if I would ruin this dress by going into the water, all I cared about was getting my dad to the water where it would heal him.

Jacob and I walked him into the water, we walked in deeper until it reached our stomachs. I held onto my dad as best as I could as I felt myself changing, soon Jacob and my dad had their tails.

I felt my dads pulse, it felt a little better then it did before.

He has to be completely under so I turned to Harry "I'll be back, he needs to be under." He nodded his head and soon I seen the rest of the boys running towards Harry.

I turned to Jacob and he nodded signaling he was ready to go. My dad stirred and then we helped him swim. He opened his eyes and was slowly starting to swim on his own.

I just remembered how Jacob said that it took him a day or two to get here from home. I can't wait that long to get home, I have to try and hold him and swim there myself as fast as I can.

I told Jacob my thoughts and he nodded in agreement. "Once I'm there I'll come find you so I could help you get there in time." I told him

But he shook his head. "No, I'll be fine. Just stay with him, I'll try to swim as fast as I could."

I nodded and I held my dad in my arms "I'll see you soon Jacob."

He nodded, he kissed my dad on his head and then gave me a side hug and helped me grab hold of my dad.

I've never tried swimming with someone, so this was going to be new. Hopefully it works out well.... 


Well!!!! That was the first chapter!!!

I hope you guys liked it!



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