Shadow *Teaser*

A teaser for a new fan fiction I'm writing titled Shadow.

1. Teaser

  I'm kicked in the shin so hard I collapse to the ground. The bigger one, Evan, snorts, and his brother taps him. "Hey, she's beaten. Let's go."                                                                                                                                                "No." He pulls me up and I raise my fists. Evan punches me in the nose, and a few seconds later I feel blood dripping down my face. This surprisingly provides me with strength, and I swing at him, putting all my weight into it. He falls backward, only to be caught by his brother, Andrew.

"Hey!" He pulls out a pocketknife, and starts to move toward me after he pushes his brother back up. Andrew knocks me down and pins me to the ground, preparing to cut my shoulder--and by the look of him, try to kill me. I see a shadow coming around the corner, and scream as loud as I can. "Crap!" Andrew swears, and drops the knife on the ground.

  The shadow comes quicker, the person running, I presume. A second later a tall, blond-haired man emerges. Evan and Andrew begin to run the other way, but he grabs them by the back of their t-shirts. 

"What are you kids doing?!" He barks. Their eyes widen and they look at each other, but don't reply. "Well?" He turns his head to look at me, propped up on the ground, held up only by my shoulders, blood dripping down my face. I gasp for breath as my own blood drips into my mouth and down my throat, choking me. 

  The man shoves them away, and they run. He comes over to help me to my feet. 

"Thanks." I gasp.

"Your welcome." He says.

"Who are you?"

  He leans down and whispers in my ear, "Steve Rogers. The Avengers are looking for you, Shadow."







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