the drummers little sister

katie irwin,ashton irwins little sister what happens when she starts to "bond" with michael clifford. ashton told all the boys to stay away from little katie but when katies eyes land on michael and when his eyes land on her they both dissobay ashtons rules.


1. katie comes home

ashtons pov

im talking with the boys about katie"why havent we met her yet?" luke asks i sigh 
because she lived in america with are dad." i repeat he nods. i pull into the airport "are dad

never approved of the way she acted or dressed so he sent her back here." i say and hop out the van being followed by the rest of the boys.i stop and turn around "if any of you try to get with my baby sister i will cut off your dicks" i say and turn around and keep walking. i here calum say behind me "jerk" witch makes the rest of the boys laugh including me.i see her picking up her bag "katie!" i yell she looks up "ashton!" she squeels running to me and jumping into my arms "god you dyed your hair again, how have you been" i ask setting her down she looks up at me "well i punched two people in the face yesturday so my hand hurts" she says handing me her bag,i take it "who and why did you punch in the face?" i ask she stars walking " dad and curt dad because he said i looked like a wanna be punk rock artist and curt because he was grabing up on me and tried to slap me" she says "oh wait till i see him im gonna fold him in-" i get cut off "so this is katie?" i here calum ask i nod i look down at her she looks at the 3 boys standing in front of her and her eyes stop on michael oh god no.

"katie a word" i say shes still looking at him "huh what" she asks not taking her eyes off him "katie! stop staring at him!" i yell "wow how to make it obvious retard" she says walking away from us.i sigh and follow her."katie!" she turns around "what" i walk up to her "let me make this one thing clear thoshe boys are off limits" she glares at me "your not the boss of me" she says and walks to our van.

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