The Salvatore Sister

(written for the vampire diaries fanfiction competition)

What if the Salvatore brothers had a sister but they didn't know she was still alive? She doesn't know if they are alive either. What will happen when they find their way back to each other and talk about their life stories? What would happen when Stefan and Damon realize who their little sister has fallen in love with and what she has become?


1. 1864 / Prologue

Hey Guys! This is my first movella and my first movella in a competition. Please comment your thoughts because I don't know what I'm doing :)


(Flashback to 1864)

Alexandra's POV

"Father! Stefan is teasing me again!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry, sister, but I cannot resist." Stefan, my brother said, coming down the staircase behind me. 

"Stefan, let your sister be." Giuseppe, my dad, scolded as he entered the room.

"Yes, Stefan, be nice to your younger sister." I sarcastically said.

"I apologize, Alex, but I cannot help if your dress is unpleasant to the eyes." Stefan teased. 

I glared at her brother. The dress was a gift given by one of my many suitors. It was a pink corset dress, decorated with too many bows and ribbons. It was far from beautiful but it was the only clean dress I had left.

"Stop teasing her, Stefan." Our father scolded once more, holding back a smile."Now, hurry outside. Our guest will be arriving soon."

He ushered us outside and Stefan and I waited by the door. Damon joined us when a carriage started to arrive. The carriage pulled up outside our house and a young lady came out.

Stefan walked up to her and said, "You must be Miss Pierce."

He took her hand and kissed it while Katherine said; "Please, call me Katherine."

I stepped forward and said, "Hello, my name's Alexandra. These are my brothers Stefan and Damon." 

"Well, it's nice to meet you all," Katherine said.

My dad suddenly appeared and said, "Ah, Miss Pierce, so nice of you to finally be here. Come, lunch is waiting inside."

We walked inside and headed to the dining room. Stefan pulled a seat for Katherine as I hid a giggle behind my hand.


My brothers and I were playing a game named football; Damon picked it up in Atlanta where he was away in the military. It makes me sad to think that when I'm safe at home, Damon is out in the bloody war fighting and killing.

"What are the rules?" I asked, curious to know what 'football' was all about. I never heard of this so called game. 

"Who needs rules?" Someone said behind me. I quickly turned around and saw Katherine. I didn't really mind that she was here, but she was constantly flirting with my brothers. Which I believe that it will turn Stefan and Damon against each other. Not to be mean, but I couldn't wait until she left so my brothers can be back to normal.

I came back to reality when my brothers started chasing her. I rolled my eyes at them and decided to go back inside and take a bath for tonight's ball.


I walked towards the house hearing my name be called out in the open. I turned around finding Anna, a new girl that came with Katherine into town. She ran across the field towards me. I smiled, being polite as I am.

" Alexandra!"


"Hey Anna, what's up?" I said smiling.


"Do you want to go to the pond, I saw some cute boys near there. " Anna smirked, mentioning cute boys.

"Well then, what are you waiting for? Let's go."


We quickly jogged towards the pond, finding attractive young men there.

Two boys stood in front of the bush we were hiding in. One of them had dirty blonde hair with crystal blue eyes, freckles peppering along his cheek. The other boy had brown hair, sea green eyes, and a perfect jawline.

I looked at Anna beside me as she made noise. I rolled my eyes at her. 

So much for quiet. 

Giggles escape her lips, making both boys turn around to find us on our knees, getting our dresses dirty just to spy on them.

"Do you girls need help?" The brunette asked, walking towards us as he extended his arm help me up. My face flushed red because I've been caught. I look like a freak! Stupid Anna! I nodded slowly placing my cold hand into his warm one.

"I'm Austin and this is Aaron." The brunette guy bobbed his head towards Aaron who helped Anna up.

" I'm Alexandra, but you could call me Alex." I narrowed my eyes at Anna who keeps calling me Alexandra.

"I'm Anna." She smiled, taking a step in front of Aaron. While she was doing that, she happens to trip, taking him down in the process. I mentally slapped myself. Austin and I quickly made our way over to them, helping them up. 

" Are you ok ?" Austin asked them both.

" Yeah. I'm ok just a little muddy. " Anna yelled immaturely as I helped her get up.


After helping her and Aaron up, I turned to Austin;


"Are you coming to the ball tonight?"


"No, sadly." Austin kicked a pebble in the pond making the water splash. My face slightly fell. Great, now I'm going to be alone the whole night.

"Oh," I say quietly hearing my brothers call me, trying to ignore them. "Well, if you get a chance go to the ball, maybe we could dance or something." I smiled at him, looking into his green eyes.

" Yeah. I'll try. " He smiled back.

"Alex!" I heard Stefan yell. Crap.

"I-I have to go, but maybe I'll see you. Bye!" I quickly kissed him on the cheek, not thinking over my actions. I quickly ran to the house, trying to get away from my brothers.


I was wearing my fanciest, blood red dress. Personally, I didn't think red suited me, but this dress made my body look like I had curves even though you couldn't see them with these stupid hula skirts.

I searched around trying to find Austin, but my eyes fall upon Katherine picking Stefan to dance with her instead of Damon. She's just a tease! I really couldn't wait until she left. I scanned through the crowd again, not finding Austin.

"Alexandra, don't just stand there looking foolish. Either dance or go back home, child. Don't forget to lock your door tonight." My father said sternly.


I was going to ask if it was about the vampires. I heard my father talk about them to Stefan and Damon.I didn't want to get in trouble for this, so I danced with Damon for a while.


Once I got home, I took off the dress and put on my fancy nightgown. I didn't understand why we used nightgowns. We should have a type of loose pants that go to mid-thigh. Even though I'm skinny, the dresses hurt.

I pulled my blankets over and got in bed, tucking myself in. I lay on my pillow softly as I was welcomed by darkness.


(Later at night)

I was awoken by the sound of a gunshot being fired. I jumped out of bed, scared at the thought that somebody was being hurt, or killed. Good or bad, everyone feels pain.

Groaning, I shuffle over to my slippers to see who woke me up. I quickly ran outside, seeing who shot the gun. I know 'Curiosity Killed The Cat', but I'm not a cat. I opened the front door, only to find my brothers arguing. 

Great, more family drama. 

When they fought, I always had to pull them apart before they jumped at each other's throat. Being me, the little sister, I cried until they'd make up. I know, I was being selfish, but one time, it got so bad that they didn't talk for an entire week!

"Did you guys hear the gunshot?" I asked my brothers, walking out of the house and going up to them. They probably didn't notice me come outside since they seemed a bit surprised I was here.

Isn't it lovely not to be noticed?

"Go back inside, Alex, it's not safe," Damon said, not even looking at me. Such a lovely family I have. With that, Stefan and Damon started running, into the woods. Being curious and stubborn as I am, I followed them, trying to catch up. I stopped in a halt, only to find a cage. I saw Damon and Stefan let Katherine out from the cage. 

What the hell do they think they're doing? Is she a vampire? 

I heard my father in the study room with John Gilbert talking about his invention and getting all the vampires in town trapped in the church to burn them. I didn't think they were actually telling the truth.

"Yeah well you thought wrong Alex." I whisper-yelled at myself quietly. Out of nowhere, I heard two guns being fired. I gasped, seeing Stefan and Damon fall to the ground. I turned to see who fired the bullets and saw my father holding the gun.

I felt warm, salty tears run down my checks. How could my own father kill his only two sons? How could he be so cruel? I thought he loved them!

My vision was blurry from the tears, but I could make out Katherine being put back into the cage and dragged away.

She did this! She made Stefan and Damon die. I hope she burns extra crispy in that church!

Once they were out of sight, I ran to my brothers. Being clumsy of me, I tripped and fell on my stomach. I didn't care about the physical pain, all I wanted to know was if my brothers were still alive.

I checked their pulse, praying to God that I'd feel something. Suddenly, I broke down. I cried and yelled because my brothers were dead. My heart ached and I clutched it as I kept weeping. After sobbing, I heard a twig snap, which caught my attention.

I thought it was my father, or somebody else. I quickly kissed my brothers' foreheads and started running for my life.

I didn't know where I was going, but my feet seemed to have a mind of their own. My vision was blurry after running for a few straight minutes. My throat was dry and my heart ached even more if that was possible. I lost my slippers later, my feet throbbing. I jumped over a tree trunk, which caught on my gown, tripping me.

"Ahh!" I yelled, falling on my face. Nice job Alex. I needed to stop tripping over myself. Slowly, I picked myself up, looking in front of me to find Katherine. 

What? I thought she was in a cage!

"I thought- But you- What?!" I stopped blabbering, staring at Katherine with a confused expression on my face.

"Silly, Alexandra." She said with a smirk. Wiping my eyes, I take a few steps back until I hit a tree. 

I'm dead for sure.

"I thought they got you." I finally spoke correctly.

"Yeah, but I struck a deal. Now, little Alex. Sweet, innocent Alex. What should I do to you?" She questioned.

"Let me go. That would be nice. If you kill me or eat me, seeing as you're a vampire, I probably won't taste good. I sneezed today so I'm probably sick. Yeah, I'm sick. You probably don't want to to get sick now do you?" I blabbered stupid things out of my mouth, trying to keep her occupied as I thought of a way to escape. 

Katherine just smirked, using an unbelievable speed to come inches close to me. Veins popped out under her eyes and fangs appeared in her teeth. I whimpered to myself as she bit her wrist and shoved it into my mouth. Making me drink her blood. After she gave me some blood, I heard a snap and was engulfed by darkness.



Alexandra's POV


I woke up breathing hard and covered in sweat. I really needed to stop drinking blood at night. With a groan, I got up and went to get a blood bag. Once I finished it, I threw it away and changed into something comfortable.


It has been 150 years since I lost them both. Just because of that girl called Katherine. They died trying to save her. I still can't believe that girl is free and god knows doing what kind of evil stuff. I have no idea why they would want to save a monster like that. 


I couldn't stand thinking about this but I think it is the time to face the truth. I was going to Mystic Falls. This is going to be one hell of a road trip.



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