Terror fair

I don't want to spoil it for you.


1. The Arrival

After the long, boring trip inside the car with vomit on one side and bags galore on the other, We finally arrived at the most terrifyinf fair experience you're ver going to have. We got off the 9-seater and gave our tickets to the guy standing near the entrance wearing a costume of Frankenstein, after throwing the tissues with vomit on them in the bin. Mr.Frankenstein looked a bit too real, his eyes were actually glowing his lips were pure black not a tiny speck of the normal pink lips. He ripped the end of Mum and Dad's tickets and gave them to them but he scanned ours and gave it to us however none of us suspected anything because it was probably what happens to everyone and it was normal. The fair was empty and there was no one inside but other people dressed up as charecters probably the staff, this was a bit peculiar because we saw a few cars turning in when we were getting out. We looked through the entrance to see if any cars had followed up but the doors were closed and locked. When we turned to look forward there was a person wearing a costume of the DC Joker and he was face to face with my dad. My dad looked as if he had just seen a ghost. "Welcome to TerrorFair, We hope you have a good time" Joker growled at us.

He saw the look on our faces and started laughing at us. We looked behind him there was non one there including the other 5 staff who were there before and before we could utter a single word he vanished into thin air. We were all scared but we left that behind us and walked to the nearest ride titled "Revenge Rollercoaster". Out of all the other rides it looked more safer and also in better condition. My dad whispered "Well, we're here aldready, let's try this one".

We all got onto one carriage because the carriage looked like the pumpkin that cinderella sat in on the way to the ball however this one was different because there were four pedals in the centre of the carriage with the numbers 17,15,7,5 on them. It was a circle pumpkin with a door on the side but the top of the pumpkin was enclosed so it felt kind-of like a tent and we were all inside. Dad came in last he shut the door and the ride started. We went past several rooms with dolls that were chopped from the middle and there was cotton everywhere and after a while the carriage stopped moving and stood still. At first it seemed as if the ride was broken but when we looked out a square hole on the side of the pumpkin. There was an equation reading "7 x 3 - 4" and there was a stopwatch which was counting down from 5... 4... 3... . Rebecca hastily pressed the pedal with the number 15 painted on and before we could stop here the ride rumbled to life and started picking up pace. It went faster and faster. Dad pressed every pedal there was one by one but the ride kept on going faster. Suddenly Mum shouted "Press all the pedal at once!!".

We did so but as soon as all four pedal were pushed down the carriage took of and went crashing through the roof of the ride and it was just in the nick of time. As we got high enough the ride blasted into several bits as if someone had place timed bombs inside an all the glass from the rooms shattered and broke into pieces. We landed into a puddle deep enough for the pumpkin to land in and shallow enough for all four of us to get out. I got out and helped Rebecca get out too but when I was in full view of the pumpkin I realised that my Mom and Dad weren't there and I knew how they disappeared too because the door was open. They must have fallen out of the door so I picked Rebbecca up and put her on my neck then I ran towards the rollercoaster. As I was running I realised that someone could've pulled Mom and Dad out of the carriages but that wasn't possible because they would've called for us so that couldn't have happened or could it? 


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