Five love Stories

Sue and Jo are best friends, but what will happen when Jo's big brother tries to get with her? Jess is happily married, but what happens when Stanley's cousin comes out to town? See them and other love stories.


1. Jess

"Morning Stanley!" I shouted as he ran inside after milking our four cows. He wiped his face and beamed triumphantly. "Laura was wild and wouldn't let me milk her, but after I let Boise come along. She was willin." He said. Boise is one of the tame bulls we have in our small farm. We are the proud owners of a beautiful farmhouse, we hold up to six hundred cows, and six hundred Bulls. We have fourteen working horses, and a mule. What a happy life we live. Stanley and I have been married for eleven years and we have two beautiful boys. One is six years old with sandy blond hair, just like his father's. He is quite a daredevil. We didn't know what to name him at first. Max seemed to come up more times than we could count. "I don't like Max. It's not the name I would want to name my first boy." He said. It was a month after the baby was born when I said. "Let's name him Stanley JR." Big Stanley loved it. three years later, little Stanley had a brother. We decided to name him Max. Little Max and Stanley became the best of friends.

It was that day, after breakfast, when I checked on my pregnancy test. Stanley and I wanted to have a big family, so this test was important We have tried to get pregnant after Max, but have failed. We did have a baby. A little girl. We were to name her Willa. but she had died three months in to her life. It was a sad time for us. Max was only two years old. And does not remember her. Little Stanley does though and he was the big boy. He tried comforting me, but it was hard. Now I stood at the toilet, looking at the test. "Positive." Came a whisper behind me. I turned to see my husband leaning over me. He had a doubtful smile on his face. "Don't worry babe, we won't let this one die." He said. Strength radiated from me and filled my heart up with love and hope.

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