Peace At Last

My entry for the 'Write about your City' competition.



1. Peace at Last.

Standing on the top of the hill, I gazed wondrously at the region of beauty which lay before me. Sat on a wooden bench, I unzipped my bag and pulled out my notebook, ready to begin.

  As my pen met the paper, I began to describe what I was seeing. A city, filled with such pride and heritage.

The location which housed so many people, jobs, businesses and lives seemed so small from where I stood but yet eerily open and dormant. To the right of my vision, in the East, the river rushed over the hills before weaving its way beneath the veil of trees. The sheer quantity of flowing water dominated my view as I breathed in the fresh scent of the air. A few castle-like structures lay scattered across the landscape with vibrant green meadows lying peacefully behind them. It hardly seemed possible that so many colours dwelled in such a small space and yet each remained prominent in my sight.

The trees swayed in the light breeze as my eyes met the river. Calmly trickling towards its destinations, it was slow and steady but yet determined to reach its goal. It seemed almost endless in its beauty, like a ribbon dancing in the wind. Under the sun's beating rays, the river darted from side to side as if controlled and directed by the hand of the earth. The river glided through the valleys as it continued its dance back home. It was elegant and beautiful yet simply water.

                  A calming feeling washed over me as I took a deep breath.

A flock of pristine white birds gracefully tore through the sky, casting deep shadows onto the warm concrete. The creatures followed the rivers path until they finally faded out of my vision onto the next step of their journey.

I could feel the sun’s rays on my back as I watch a collection of tourists make their way towards a nature trail. Lying past the flowers and delving into the forest of trees, their chosen path led away from the centre of the city towards the cathedral. Even in the city, stillness and quiet could easily be found.

Standing alone in the vibrant meadows, the vast structure stood proudly above the land. Each colour incorporated into the stained glass lay on the cobbled street below the window. Reflected by the sun, it spread light in every direction giving the impression of mystery to the building. A myriad of arched structures hung above the many pillars which were covered with intricate carvings and designs.

The mellow tone of the deep blue sky drew me in, forcing my eyes to gaze up into the everlasting sky above me. For a long moment, I just stared before finally averting my sight, looking at the city as a whole.

Eventually, as I closed my eyes, I breathed in the cool fresh air and listened for a few moments. Trees rustling in the wind and water flowing was all I could hear.

I stood, placing my notebook gently back into my bag and made my way down the hill towards the city. I let a smile fall onto my face and for a moment, for a single moment, only tranquillity greeted me.

Peace at last.


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