The Hunger Games - Spongebob Style

Since it is Hunger Games feature week, I decided to write a story - Hunger games Spongebob style!!


1. Chapter 1 (Spongebob's POV)

*alarm goes off*

"Gary! It's the first day of Winter! This is going to be great, Gar-bear!" I smiled at my cute pet Gary. I rushed to my calendar to reveal today's date, but all of a sudden, I noticed a smudge of writing on today's date. I looked closer with my eyes and there it was. The day everyone was dreading (except me!). The Patty Games! You have to battle all the other fry-cook-patty-flippers and amateurs in a competition and the last remaining person is crowned Patty King or Queen! But the worse part is, EVERYONE has to enter. Even pets! How am I going to be picked out of all these fish? I just hope hope hope I am selected! I'm ready! I'm ready!


*At the selection*

"Ok Gary, cross your fingers for me!" I say to Gary, patting his shell. 

"Welcome, fish of Bikini Bottom, Ukulele Bottom and other places to the 5th annual Patty Games! We want to get straight into picking our contestants to represent their city! For Bikini Bottom, we are going to pick the first participant!" The fish reporter said. His hand reached into the glass bowl (which they borrowed from Sandy) and picked out a piece of paper. 


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