the letter that never was

What if harry had never gotten his letter from Hogwarts all those years ago. Would Hermione have met Ron? Would Voldemort reign over the wizarding world? And what would have happened to the boy who lived?


1. dursleys

Mr. And Mrs. dursley had been expecting this letter, this repulsive thing for almost a year now but as years went bye no letter had yet to come. This as you can imagine made the dursleys extremely happy to know that their nephew was not a wizard freak unlike his mother and father instead he was able to become a normal child with everything that he would need such as a room, water and food all of which the dursleys reluctantly gave to him. But yet under the stairs harry had longed for something more. A family not just a family but a family that would give him what he needed most. Love.harry had always felt out of place at high school like he should have been some one else . It was Harry's 16th birthday and it had seemed as if nothing would ever change and he would be trapped in this sack of flesh for the rest of his life. When a nock came from the door. It was midnight who would come here out of all places at midnight. Harry stepped out of the cupboard that he had lived in for all of his life . The banging continued. Harry opened the door and was greeted by a figure that was caked in blood and looked as if they could pass out at any moment. "Hello harry" said the girl and promptly fell unconscious. Her head had fallen and caused loud bang on the deck. Which had Woken up the grouchy dursleys. "HEY BOY KEEP IT DOWN WE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP " yelled uncle Vernon out of his window. "Uncle vernon call 911 please" harry said quietly i personally think he was in shock "WHAT DO YOU MEAN CALL 911??!!"  


A/N this is for the AU contest and ummmmm I hope you like it!!(;


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