The day I got revenge on Ned Kelly

this story is a conduction of made up story's and true story's



Crash, Bang, Smash.


At first, I thought they were coming for me.

What have I done all these years to deserve this? One night in this dirty hostage, surrounded by smelly boys, was enough to pay the price, I thought. Clearly I was wrong.


Why are they here?


 Being held in hostage with my future husband Ned was the best….but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to lock me in a cupboard. That would be fine. But there’s one problem I think Ned and his brothers are hiding from something, I don’t know about.

That could be the solution to why the army are here, great I am safe.


Now what was I supposed to do? Go tell Ned that the army are here for him, run around screaming I don’t want to die, and the moment I turned around Ned and his brothers were no wear to be seen, KABOOM! Three men came crashing down through the roof grabbing me and putting me in a bag, from that point onwards I knew I was never coming back to this filthy hostage again, but that was the least of my problems.

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