Harry Styles: The Bard

Look what it is, yet another Harry Styles fan fiction, but this one has a twist! It's been written by a hater of 1D and Harry Styles. Not only that but the writer is a fantasy writer?

Lets put Harry Styles in a fantasy setting and see what happens to him


1. Chapter One

He opened his eyes, he sat up, then he blinked. He blinked again. He was in a forest? What was happening, the last thing he could remember was being on stage, in front of his screaming fan. He smiled, he did love his fans. But enough of that he couldn’t think about those fans now. Ah he did had lots of fans did he, so many adoring fans.

Lying back down he closed his eyes and felt the sun on his prone body. As he lay there in the forest he listened to the ruffle of the leaves as the wind blew through them. Wait a second…. Forest? Leaves? Yeah this wasn’t the stage he remembered being on. He thought hard, like really hard, thinking hard was something he had to do to think past his fans a lot. Ooh his fans. He smiled then refocused standing up.

Starting a gander through the forest he thought hard, sifting his thoughts through his head. So he was on stage singing to the crowd, with her forehead really sweaty. Then what happened? Did he faint, seems about right he thought. After all his forehead was very sweaty. Even so why was he in a forest? Maybe he was just passed out on stage, maybe it was all a dream. Or maybe, maybe he’d been kidnapped and put here by a fan. He’d written a lot of Zayn fanfics and often had Zayn kidnapped by fans in it.

Busy wandering around in the forest he had his head in the clouds. Thinking about all those Zayn fanfics he never noticed the short stout figure running at him. When he did he screamed for the dwarf was charging at him, shoulder first fully clad in plate armour. Harry hit the ground unconscious.

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