What happens after the world ends with only a small group of survivors? what if I told you some had super powers? or if the only one who can really save the world (or whats left of it) just wants to kill herself because her whole life is a lie? find out in the new book "Reset"


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


As soon as we got outside I felt like I had room and I could actually breath. I took a deep breath in letting the fresh cool air invade my lungs and then I released my breath with a light huffing noise.

“Why do you even bother helping her? She’s most likely going to die anyway!” A girl said to Leo.

“Olive! Why would you say that?! You know how she feels about death!” Eliza screamed at her with anger.

“What? I'm just telling the truth!” she said with a smirk.

“Girls calm down, fighting isn't going to solve anything.” Max said trying to solve this problem.

“Shut up Max! You’re not a part of this!” Eliza yelled.

“You should really stop sticking up for her, I mean what has she ever done for you?” Mal asked knowing that would send Eliza over the edge.

“What has she done for me? What has SHE done for ME?!?!? Ill tell you what she has done for me! She helped me through life. When all my friends turned on me she was the only one who was there. When I lost my parents she was there helping me through it! That is what she has done for me!!” Eliza said.

“Well if all you guys are just going to defend Sky (who is just a Cark it girl anyway) we're just gonna leave. Come on Mal, grab Serenity and let's go find another place to stay.” Olive said her long brown hair whipped around as she walked away. Then Mal grabbed Serenity and pulled her small arm out the door with to much force, the poor girl had tears in her eyes from the pain of the other girls long fingernails.

“I- I'm sorry” Sky said in a small voice staring at her shoes.

“What in the world are you sorry for?” Leo said in a confused voice.

“It’s my fault that those girls left, if I wasn’t here you guys wouldn't have fought. I should just go and never return.” Sky said turning to face the door.

“Wait Sky! None of this was your fault, those girls never wanted to be here anyway. They just wanted to make you feel bad. They think that they're better than you, the truth is they're all just a bunch of Show ponies.” Leo said in a soft voice.

“But  they are better than me,” Sky mumbled trying to be so quiet that the others wouldn’t hear. But to her dismay Max heard what she had said.

“No they aren’t! Why don’t you understand Sky! They are losers who feed off of other people’s pain! You are so much better than them there is no reason for you to be feeling like this!” Max yelled with frustration.

“Max stop yelling at her you're scaring her” Leo said to Max attempting to calm him down. When no one was looking Sky slipped out the door running to the Opera house, her only safe place.

As she climbed over the rubble once again she heard voices from behind her.

“Well, well, well look what we have here,” a very familiar annoying female voice said from behind her.

“W-what do you want Mal?” Sky said stuttering and tripping over her words.

“Oh I just want to have a friendly conversation with you” she said coming closer to Sky. There was a little hint of blackness in her eyes that sent a shiver down Sky's back making little goose bumps on her arms and legs.

“Is little Sky scared of me and my friends?”


“Oh I was hoping you where, it would make this so much better.”

“Make what so m-much better?”

“Killing you of course.” She said as the corner of her lips curled into a smirk. At that moment Sky realized that Mal had a knife in her hand.  Sky tried to run but quickly realized that she wouldn’t be able to because of the ruble. She just accepted her fate and sat down waiting to be killed.

“Get up!” Olive yelled “Come on this was supposed to be fun but you're just sitting there! Now get up and fight me! Come on!” she continued to yell until she finally turned to Serenity.

“Pick her up,” Mal said waiting impatiently. It took Serenity a minute to realize Mal was talking to her.

“I-I can’t” she said with a shaky voice.

“Just do it!” Olive yelled the girl winced back scared. She walked over to Sky and held onto her arm with a light grip. She then attempted to lift Sky up but failed.

“You know what never mind I'll do it!” Olive yelled frustrated. She then walked over to where they stood and pushed serenity out of the way. She grabbed Sky by the hair and lifted her up. Sky let out a scream of pain but then let her body fall limp on the ground. She was just waiting for Olive to finish the job. She heard footsteps coming closer. Then Mal started kicking her in the stomach repetitively.

“Get! Up! And! Blue!” she yelled as she through a few punches. Sky just laid there waiting to die.

“Sky?!” Max yelled. Skys eyes fluttered open. She looked to see if it was really Max. Then a blurry figure teleported to her side pushing Mal and Olive out of the way.

“Sky?! Are you ok? What did they do?”

“We were just helping her get her miserable life over with.” Olive said trying to be innocent.

“What were you girls thinking! Her and I are the only ones who can save us! We need her alive because I can’t do this alone! You all need to Rack off!” Max yelled.

“She’s not the only one with powers” Mal mumbled under her breath.

“What did you say?” Max said calming down.

“Hmm, oh nothing” she said like a little school girl trying to cheekily hide something.

“Whatever, I need to get you out of here Sky. can you hold my arm or hand really quick?” Max said in a sweet voice. Sky then lifted up her hand and placed it on his hand. She lightly curled her fingers around his hand waiting to teleport. The wind started to blow and once again Sky found herself in front of her old orphanage.


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