Our Troubles

In my last book, Stacy and Ron became a couple - but a girl called Katy stood in their way. This time, Stacy has an even bigger problem. Will this problem be as easy as the last one or will her relationship with Ron end?


1. Prologue

     As the week started, I got more and more pissed off at Callie. Just the sight of her made me remember her brother's face - Jack. He came to school with a black eye, chipped tooth, and a cut down his cheek. This morning, just because it's Tuesday and I wanted to start a fight, I strolled up to Callie and looked her in the eyes with the most angered stare I have ever given any human being on this planet and growled "Why? Why would you do that?"

    She stared at me, feigning confusion, and said "Why what? What did I do?" If it wasn't for Jack stepping in and trying and force me to back down, I would have blown up in her face, but the problem is I still did.

    "You act like you're the most special person in this school. Sweetie, there're people who can fake their joy better than you. You went up to Jack, battered him, then told him you did it because he deserved it," I breathed then shrieked, "FOR NOTHING! WHAT THE HELL?"

    Jack came at me again, so I howled at him, "Get you hands off me, Jack! You better let go!" but he still tried to restrain me. This time when I passed him, Katy stepped forwards, grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me back, shouting, "Yo, calm down and back off." This time I listened to the advice and backed away.

    Later that afternoon at lunch, one of my friends told me that Callie had hit Jack again, but this time she had photo proof. Furious, I approached Callie, who was seated next to Jack, and announced, "For one, I don't want you to ever to hit Jack again, even if he is standing up for you. I still care about him. If and when he does cower down, you will be the first person I will go after, and you'll be so much worse than he was when you beat the shit out of him."

    She looked at me like she was about to leap over the table and rip out my hair, but instead she just stated in the most high-and-mighty voice, "Who told you this? Cathy and Rose?"

    "Yeah, they did, but guess what? I would believe my friends - who happen to have photographic proof - any day over your bitchy mouth," but before she could say another word, I left her dumbfounded. Funny thing is, I remember Jack stating that if I didn't back off there would be a fight. Who gives a flying fuck if there's a fight? Today is my day to fight and I will do it proudly.

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