Our Troubles

In my last book, Stacy and Ron became a couple - but a girl called Katy stood in their way. This time, Stacy has an even bigger problem. Will this problem be as easy as the last one or will her relationship with Ron end?


2. Chapter 1

     I was totally not okay. Last night I could not control myself. I had to... I...I... just couldn't hold myself back, so I grabbed a sewing needle and let my hand lead. All I could feel was a small sting then a second later there was a cut down my arm. I felt better than ever knowing that I was in control of something. When I went to bed I looked at my arm then looked in the mirror and let go. Tears swelled my eyes and flowed down my cheeks. I went to bed with the worst thought ever. "What if no one will understand me? What if this is what it's going to be like my whole life; people using me, calling me names, or just plain ruining my life?"

    As soon as I started to nod off, I heard a ringing. I looked over and saw my phone light up. I slumped towards it and answered. "Hello?" Of course I didn't pay attention to who was calling me, but whoever it was still aroused me from my sleep. "Who is it?"

    "Babe it's Ron. What's wrong?" Ron asked worriedly like he didn't realize how late it was.

    I smiled even though I was so tired, and said, "Well, I was almost all the way asleep, but I don't care. What's up?"

    "Did you hear about what happened to Katy today?"

    "No, what happened? Wait, did she get fucked over?" I giggled.

    "No, but I wish. I mean don't we all? I'm sorry to wake you, but I felt like you should know this as soon as possible. Katy came up to me today, looked me in the eye, jerked my pants down, and fucking grabbed my dick. I felt like you should hear that as soon as possible and from me. Look, I didn't like it at all. I pushed her off and hit her so hard she's in the hospital."

    My day just went from sad and depressing to something exciting and fight worthy. "Thanks Ron. See you tomorrow, my love," I said right before I hung up.

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