Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends went to Australia to have the adventure of a lifetime, but not romance. However when Skylar accidentally crashes into Luke Hemmings in the streets of Central Sydney that changes. What happens when Luke gets feelings for Skylar and what about when Micheal, Calum, and Ashton all catch feelings for three of Skylar's friends?


1. The Meeting

Luke’s POV

I groaned quietly slowly shaking my head from side to side as I lay on my back on the pavement feeling the weight of another body on top of me. I had just seen a shimmer of blond hair then I was knocked on the ground.

“Hey, are you alright?” I heard a sweet and soft angelic voice from above me. I stopped moving my head and cracked my left eye open to see a young teenage girl on top of me. I opened both my eyes and turned my head to look at her. She looked about my age and now that I was really looking at her she was really pretty. She had flawless sun-kissed skin, long shimmering dirty blond hair that fell like a golden waterfall over her shoulders shining like the sun, and bright, vibrant and dazzling hazel-green eyes that burned into my blue eyes with a worrying look. I struggled to find words, as I seemed completely lost in the moment.

“Y-Yeah I’m okay” I crocked out and I don’t know if it was from the impact on the pavement or from her eyes that stayed trained on me.     

“Thank goodness I’m really sorry about this. I hope I didn’t hit you too hard.” She sighed as she broke eye contact and I noticed she had an American accent with a little hint of what sounded Irish. (I mean by the looks of her she could be Irish.) She got off of me, held out her hand and helped me up. I looked at her for a moment and I knew that there was something about this girl that somehow made me feel shy.


Skylar’s POV

I helped the teenage boy to his feet and brushed off my arms before catching his eyes on me and then being caught in his gaze. He was about 6’ 4” and pretty skinny, but not lanky. His eyes were shining the perfect shade of ocean blue just like the Caribbean Sea. He had a thin black lip ring on the left side of his lower lip, and his hair was blond and styled up in a quaff. He was a little pale but also pretty attractive. I found that I couldn’t look away. I was lost for a moment only to be brought back by a mob of girls screaming and running towards us. Without thinking much I grabbed the boy’s hand and took off towards the hostel I was staying at, leaving my friends, probably very confused in the streets of Sydney. I ran inside, quickly swiped my key card and bolted through the door closing it behind us into the main dorms. “Don’t worry…” I leaned over panting after almost sprinting 3 ½ miles. Thank god I ran track for 2 years.“…You can’t get through that door without a key.”

“Oh… o-okay, thanks” he stuttered with a look of relief, also panting slightly.

“No Problem Mr. Hemmings” I straightened up and smiled at him when I caught my breath.

“Wait you know me?” he stared right into my eyes with a look of confusion, still slightly painting. I just nodded “How?”

 “Your eyes, your lip ring, and all those girls running after you.” I answered as I unlocked my door, entered my room and sat down on my friend, Claire’s bunk instead of climbing up to mine and Luke joined me not saying a word but looking at me with a perfect shade of blue in his eyes. We stayed silent for a minute until I remembered that I left my friends in the streets of Sydney. “Make yourself at home. I should find my friends, they must be worried and are probably confused as to why I ran off.” I stood up and walked towards the door. I was about to walk out the door when an Australian voice stopped me in my tracks before I reached the doorway.

“Wait!” Luke called out making me stop and turn towards him. ”H-how can I thank you for helping me out?” he asked embarrassed and looked away.

I smiled at him. “Let me think about it and I’ll let you know” I replied and left the room to find my friends.


Luke’s POV

‘Think about it?’ What could that mean, she said it with a devilish grin on her face. I sat on the bunk keeping my face in my hands and wondering why my heart started pounding, could that girl really cause it? I thought back to our crash in the street earlier, looking in her hazel green eyes and thinking how amazing they were.

“Dammit, what’s wrong with me? I can’t be attracted to that girl. I don’t get attracted. I don’t get crushes. It makes no sense!” I screamed at my self not even noticing she was back and standing with a guy. She cleared her throat and my head went up and I began to turn red as a tomato.

“Did you hit your head really hard or something?” she asked confused but also smiling at me.

“I’m fine, who’s the guy?” I looked at the scrawny boy standing next to her in the doorway. He was about 6 feet tall (so a few inches shorter than me), had light blond hair, fairly light skin, and very pale but lively blue eyes. He looked almost exactly like a Ken doll from Barbie. I almost asked if Ken was his name, but bit my tongue to stop myself. He was staring at me like I had five heads and I knew they had been standing there for a bit.

“This is Ryan, one of my friends. Ryan this is Luke,” she answered introducing us. “Oh, and by the way my name is Skylar but you can call me Sky if you want.” I nodded slightly looking away not wanting to meet her eyes.

“You should come with us, Luke.” Ryan finally spoke up quietly, and I noticed he had a thick Minnesota accent. “The rest of our group is waiting downstairs and worried about you both since you bolted away in the street.” he gave me a polite smile. “Plus if she is up here too long they are going to think you two are making out,” Ryan added gesturing towards Skylar, who just rolled her eyes and walked towards me. Skylar grabbed my hand and sent an electric rush through my body making me nervous and making my cheeks flush. I let her drag me out of the room avoiding any eye contact with her afraid that she had somehow found a way into my heart. I could almost fell Ryan smirk at my face, which was probably as red as a tomato by now as Skylar pulled me through the hallway and downstairs.


I followed Skylar and Ryan all the way down to the common room where a group of 11 kids all around the same age sat at a long table waiting for us. Most of them were boys, other then Skylar there were only three other girls, two tan, blond twins with brown eyes, and a very pale girl with brown hair and eyes, she was staring at me and Skylar with her mouth open. I just looked away and unintentionally tightened my grip on Skylar’s hand, but she didn’t seem to notice, or if she did she didn’t acknowledge it. “Hey, Ryan looks like you found them.” A boy with a military haircut, very toned upper body, and a quote from the book of John tattooed on his left forearm laughed when he saw that Skylar was gripping my hand. ”They sure do look like real love birds.” He chuckled while running a hand through his brown hair.

“Oh shut up Jono” Skylar rolled her eyes at the boy and turned to me smiling. “Just ignore him,” she said to me “everyone does.” I nodded again avoiding any contact with her eyes and sat down next to her when she released my hand.

“I’m sorry.” I finally blurted out. Skylar turned to me and raised a perfect eyebrow.

“For what?”

“In the street earlier for running into you.”

“You're saying sorry to me?” she exclaimed laughing. “I’m the one who ran into you and knocked you to the ground.” She had the biggest smile on her face and before I had even realized what I was doing an even bigger smile was beginning to form on my face, and it was obvious to anyone looking that I had a crush, a big crush on a blonde, hazel-eyed American Girl. Oh, I’m in some deep trouble.


Skylar’s POV

I smiled at Luke and saw his eyes light up a brand new shade of blue that was enchanting. I was lost in them only to be pulled to reality by a new voice.

“So Sky did you hear about the party happening here tonight?” A boy piped up. “Oh and pretty boy, I’m Conor,” the boy said looking at Luke with a grin. Luke just stared wide-eyed obviously affected by the pretty boy comment. Conor was as tall as Luke, had short orange-brown hair, and had very broad shoulders like Luke but not as muscular. He was rather skinny everywhere else.  His skin was pale but not to the point where it was scary, it was nice on him. His smile was sweet and could melt any girl’s heart. (Got him every girl in school, except for me because we were best friends) His eyes were a dark blue that lit up every time he spoke and could put you in a trance. He smirked at Luke then shifted his eyes back to me.

“No, but if there’s a party I’m in!”  I grinned and then an idea popped into my head and I turned to Luke. My small grin turned into a huge smile.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?” Luke looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“About paying me back.”

“What about it?”

“I want you to come with me to the party tonight.” I smiled at him beaming right in his face. 

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