My Life Love Disaster

These poems are made by me. Describing what I've gone through every time I've tried to date someone. There is one saying that my friend made for me before she had to leave me.


1. Heart Break

All dreams turn into ripples

But not all ripples come from dreams

All true loves steal your heart

but they always break it

They always smile to you and promise

"I won't lie"

But they'll lie

They will tell you they love you

But what if they don't

I guess it's time to stop dreaming

And look at reality

Those dreams can never come true no matter how much I wish


I have to let him be dust

Dust in the wind

Someone that comes and gets blown away 

By some one else

Someone that doesn't care

That will never care


I need to stop opening doors to a new life then going back to the old one

Because each time

My heart will just break

Break more than I want it to

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