Christmas Miracle

Alana has given up on the idea of love. As a single mother with a young child in London, Christmas is all about paying the bills and spending time with her child. Alana feels she has no time fr love but maybe all she needs is a Christmas miracle.


1. Chapter One

Alana sat on the wooden chair as she stared at the piles of bills. It seemed endless as she finished one pile there seemed to be another right there in front of her. It was two o clock, in an hour she would have to pick up her daughter from playschool. From taking care of her son Noah to working hours at the nearby restaurant, it wasn't surprising that she never had any time for herself. Her friends seemed to be living their lives without her,while they followed their dreams. Alana had never expected that at the wise age of twenty four, she would find herself a divorced single mother of a three year old.

When Alana had met Danny five years ago, she thought that he was her dream men. He seemed so perfect and that was why just after four months of dating him, when he had proposed she had been delighted. Entering a marriage felt like a way for her to become stable in life, finally finding someone to spend the rest of her life with. During the early months of her marriage it all seemed perfect, Danny loved her which he showed by treating her like a princess then she found out she was pregnant and she was delighted. Her marriage seemed to crumble right in front of her, Alana twisted the wedding ring on her finger. Even though the divorce had been finalised she couldn't seem to take off the ring. It was like the ring was a symbol of their marriage and removing it would separate Danny from her forever.

The court order remained in its envelope, she was afraid to open it since she knew what was inside. A custody court order by Danny since he wanted to have custody of Noah, it was as if he was taking the last part of him away from her. She scrunched up the envelope and threw it away in despair. Her head rested on the table as she closed her eyes, Christmas was just a week away and Alana had no idea what she was going to do about her endless bills. God, she needed a Christmas miracle. If only she had someone in her life, a partner who she could raise her son and would support her always. The sound of her phone ringing interrupted her thoughts. She stood up in alarm before seeing that it was the playschool teacher, it was five minutes past three. Stupid bills, time seemed to fly when she was trying to sort them out. She shoved her phone in her pockets and looked for her Handbag with her keys inside. As she grabbed her coat, a piece of paper fell from the coat pockets. 

Alana looked at the piece of paper curiously inspecting that it seemed to be an advertisement for a company called "Christmas Miracles". Alana hadn't even noticed that it had been there at all and she couldn't remember where it was from. The company seemed like a joke and she knew no Christmas miracle could sort out her life. She shoved the paper into her handbag before leaving her home and running to pick up her son up from playschool.

In her mind she was wondering what sort of company was called Christmas miracles. It seemed like a joke who believed in miracles at Christmas anyways.

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