The Middle Dorm

Two young boarding school sweethearts risk curfew to spend the night together.


1. Good Evening, Curfew

Taylor Middleton sat crouched in an alley. It was a cold January evening. Where is Nick- Taylor questioned himself. Nick, Taylor's newest mate, was a shy boy. He was supposed to meet Taylor in the alley that evening. Together, they had one minute to get to the Middle Dorm, watched by the sharp eyes of guards that prowl upon curfew. So where was Nick? Taylor checked his phone. He should be here! Suddenly, Taylor heard a twig snap, it was Nick hiding behind a tree. Taylor didn't have time to talk, so he mouthed out "Come on!"

The Middle Dorm was only a foot away, and evening was the only time Nick could slip to the spot without being caught by the dorm master. Nick and Taylor took off running, running as fast as they could manage, they still may not make it. Running at a bone-chilling rate, the clock moved to 10:35 PM. Silence, waived cross the campus, making Nick and Taylor speed up. The dorm was in sight, Nick went in the door and shook, laughing, with joy.


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